Bjork's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live in Paris

Jun 26 - Jun 27, 2009

(Russell Thomas, 2009, 71 min)

Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live in Paris contains filmed highlights from the Volta tour, recorded in Paris and Reykjavik, with performances of songs from Volta as well as tracks from previous albums including Hunter, Joga, Army of Me, and Hyperballad.  Björk’s band on the Volta tour included Mark Bell (LFO) on computers and keyboards and Damian Taylor on keyboards and programming. Drums and percussion were played by Chris Corsano (Sonic Youth, etc.); Jónas Sen played piano, harpsichord, and church organ; and Björk’s all female Icelandic 10-piece brass section rounded out the group. A dynamic, grand live experience, the Volta tour has been acclaimed around the world.

"Why not go out to an actual show, or wait for Bjork to come back to Seattle? Simply put: you’ll never get this close to Bjork in your life! ... Throughout the film, every colorful detail and visual idiosyncrasy is brought to you by bird’s eye view, stage hand’s view, front row view, side stage view, and, well, you get the point. It’s hard to image ever wanting to go to a live show again!" -KEXP

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