Fiscal Sponsee - Finding Chaz

Finding Chaz

High school freshman Roxie Nazari and her best friend Hanna Gilbert weather the ups and downs of adolescent life in a small town in eastern Washington. While Roxie’s hotheaded nature sometimes gets her into trouble, both are good girls who prefer to avoid drama. This is no easy feat when their biggest problem is Chaz, a male classmate who stalks, trolls, and sexually harasses them at school.

The son of the head football coach and the school guidance counselor, Chaz never catches a case, and his impunity has allowed him to get more and more outrageous as the years go on. After Chaz crashes a party, ruining Roxie’s chance with a popular junior, it’s time to fight back.

But amid the ensuing carnage, Roxie learns a shocking secret: Chaz is gay, and his antics have been an elaborate ruse to hide his true identity, particularly from his parents. Roxie’s immense guilt and Chaz’s deep remorse for his actions (and need for protection) result in him becoming the third member of Roxie and Hanna’s circle. What follows is a fast-paced, Y2K coming-of-age adventure.

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