Catch hundreds of premieres, screenings and events with emerging and established filmmakers and artists. Beyond film screenings, our theater screens are canvases for a range of cinematic and civic experiments.


4 Films
Northwest Film Forum regularly partners with Earshot Jazz to present excellent films about the art of jazz.
Earshot Jazz Films
19 Films
This exciting program exemplifies how Native American and indigenous filmmakers are at the forefront of the industry, challenging long established cultural attitudes towards indigenous culture.
Indigenous Showcase
22 Events
Much more than a movie theater, the Forum is a versatile home for artistic performance and public discussion. The theater transforms into a stage for live music, talk shows, game shows, multidisciplinary performance and more.
Live Shows
5 Films
2 Events
Jazz films, music documentaries, and concert classics are staples here at the Forum.
Music in Motion
17 Films
5 Events
Northwest Film Forum commissions musicians to create live scores for films of their choosing and perform them in our space.
Puget Soundtrack
5 Films
1 Event
The Seventh Art Stand is an ongoing act of cinematic solidarity against Islamophobia and the Muslim Ban, which initially began in May 2017.
The Seventh Art Stand
8 Films
Italian Thrillers as Anti-Patriarchal Dream Agents
Terrore Giallo!
11 Films
2 Events
We host filmmakers from around the world to show their work and meet local audiences.
Visiting Artists


1 Film
Dystopia on Our Doorstep contemplates the proximity of a dystopian future to the daily experience of digital deluges, ruptured nation-states, and harsh environmental conditions (both climate and economic) in most modern lives.
Dystopia On Our Doorstep
Northwest Film Forum proudly presents the first Seattle retrospective of the work of Italian documentary director Gianfranco Rosi.
Gianfranco Rosi Retrospective
4 Films
As prescient and powerful as when they were made, these four radical Nixon-era films examine the present through the eyes of the very near future.
Post-’68 Apocalypse: Four Radical Visions
5 Films
This series of documentary films, culled from across the globe, explores the fluidly adaptive strategies of new work in the documentary medium.
Veracity: New Documentary Cinema

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