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Unstreamable is a column that recommends stuff you can’t watch on major streaming services in the United States. Since its launch in 2019, the column has covered over 400 unstreamable films and TV shows. KUOW and NPR have featured Unstreamable on their radio stations, and Pickford Film Center hosted it and its creators, Jas Keimig and Chase Burns, as guest programmers in 2021. Originally published by The Stranger, the column now lives on Scarecrow Video’s blog.

Unstreamable advocates for the weird, the horny, and the forgotten, and it’s thrilled to partner with Northwest Film Forum to screen these overlooked gems. Browse Unstreamable’s full list of unstreamable movies on their website!

The Unstreamable Team:



Jas Keimig is a staff writer at The Stranger, where they write about visual art, film, and stickers. They co-write Unstreamable with Chase Burns and serve on the advisory board for Missing Movies. They cry easily at movies.



Chase Burns is an editor, writer, and sometimes a drag queen. He also co-writes Unstreamable and serves on the advisory board for Missing Movies. He used to edit The Stranger. Now he edits The Ticket, an arts and events calendar produced by the Seattle Times. He’s juried a lot of porn for Dan Savage’s HUMP Film Festival.

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