Mourning Sickness

Apr 17, 2022 - Jan 12, 2025
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Seattle drag superstar Monday Mourning is ready to take your divine fixation with cult cinema to new and exciting heights by joining forces with Northwest Film Forum to bring you MOURNING SICKNESS: a quarterly showcase of essential cult & camp classics dusted off and brought back to life once more across the silver screen, featuring pre-show drag entertainment that will leave you looking camp right in the eye.

Showing up in your best “Versayce” is encouraged, and devotion to the silver screen is an absolute requirement.

Turn off your brains, grab some popcorn and enjoy the sickness – it’s showtime!

Vol. 3:

Vol. 2:

Vol. 1:

Monday Mourning

Monday Mourning

Showgirl, Superstar, Cult Leader of Cult Classics

Monday grew up in a quiet, small town where she found motion pictures to be far more dazzling than grassy green pastures filled with cow friends and simple creeks. At a young age, she quickly realized she had a taste for the campy and the outrageous – soon finding herself represented on the silver screen after watching Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1996) at 6 years old. These young experiences with Lisa Kudrow were formative for Monday – and eventually she bore witness to Showgirls (1995), something she considers a divine religious experience. These cult classics guided her ambitions and became the driving forces behind her art, and the rest is sequined history. At 22, she chased her dreams of stardom all the way to Seattle and never looked back. Now that she’s arrived, she has one goal, and one goal only: No wire hangers EVER!

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