Fiscal Sponsee – Pinwheel Horizon

Pinwheel Horizon

Directed by Ian Ebright

In Pinwheel Horizon, three elite warriors patrol barren terrain to remove all threats, fulfilling their directive. But division sets in among them as they learn 40 warriors—their final confrontation—are just half a day’s walk away, and waiting.

From Ian Ebright, the film’s writer/director:

I wrote Pinwheel Horizon after my dad passed away following 30 years of near-death illnesses, and at the time, I thought I knew the personal context for the film’s themes.

Partially correct.

My only sibling, my older brother, was killed in a freak car accident less than four months later. And then 2020 hit again, and it hit everyone on some level. Disorienting grief became a collective experience, even if we couldn’t fully comprehend the rapid-fire nature of developments in a nation that was both rightly trying to repair itself from long-running injustices, while also being wounded in real time by the neglect and antagonism of structures that swore to protect us.

All of this raised questions which are at the heart of this story:

What if we don’t get the payoff we were hoping for?
What if a moment of perceived triumph or closure proves to be thankless?
Who are we, if we are no longer defined by our struggle?

In short:
What do we do now? And what do we do about us?

-Illustration by Tom Price Storyboarding

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