Fiscal Sponsee – Pinwheel Horizon

Pinwheel Horizon

Directed by Ian Ebright

In Pinwheel Horizon, three elite, exhausted warriors patrol barren terrain to remove all threats, fulfilling their directive. But division sets in among them as they learn 40 warriors—their final confrontation—are just half a day’s walk away, and waiting. The three are led by Cyra, who leads her fellow warriors as she attempts to conquer an internal battle between wisdom and weariness.

Will these elite warriors be able to adapt when the enduring struggle is finally over, or will they be undone by it? Will they find a way to shake the story they told themselves about who they were for so long—and discover new meaning? Will they make it to the final showdown, or will division drive them apart right when they need each other most? The story ultimately explores the inevitability of change, the crisis of identity that can follow, and the courage of stepping into the unknown and embracing new life.

Pinwheel Horizon is inspired by the rapid end of long-running struggles in the life of writer/director Ian Ebright, including the passing of his dad who suffered from near-death illnesses for three decades.

-Illustration by Tom Price Storyboarding

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