Fiscal Sponsee – Thin Skin

Thin Skin

Directed by Charles Mudede

Aham had one daughter by age 19, a second daughter by 21, and a vasectomy by 22.

At 25, when the story begins, Aham is a recently divorced single father who spends his days working a soul-deadening corporate job and his nights coming alive behind a trumpet at Seattle jazz clubs. As he struggles to climb out of the ruins of his broken marriage, Aham has to deal with endless bureaucracy, a boss trying to lead him to the Lord, and a mother who refuses to cut ties with his ex. Aham is sad, Aham is lonely, Aham needs to find a new apartment.

He meets Megan.

Both believe that falling in love will solve their problems, but the harder they try, the more they become like ships passing in the night. Then the Nigerian father Aham never knew and always wanted to meet suddenly dies in faraway Africa. And just when he thinks things can’t get worse, just when he thinks he can’t hold it together anymore, he learns what it really means to fall apart.

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