Cadence 2022 – When I'm not asking for permission [Hybrid]

Watch online: Apr. 21 – May 1, 2022

Watch in person: Apr. 21 at 7pm

Cadence 2022 is a hybrid virtual-and-in-person festival. There are three categories of festival pass: VIRTUAL, IN-PERSON, and HYBRID (virtual AND in-person), all available here. Proof of vaccination and masks are required for NWFF patrons! Full Covid policies here.


Stepping up to the audiovisual megaphone, these artists deliver interpersonal and socio-political truths on their own terms. They dare to dream liberated futures into existence by reclaiming pasts that no longer serve, thus demonstrating what more is possible. Through repetition and juxtaposition, tonality and silence, each is an act of resistance—a declaration of self-determination by any poetic means necessary.

Header photo credit: Stabat Mater, dir. Marina Sagona
Showcase title credit: Asking for permission (Pyydän lupaa), dir. Kirsi-Marja Moberg

FAQ: How do I watch online?
FAQ: How do I watch in-person?
  • Purchase your ticket(s) in advance through Brown Paper Tickets.
  • You can also purchase a ticket on the day of the screening at Northwest Film Forum’s box office (1515 12th Ave, Seattle).
  • If you have purchased a Hybrid or In-Person-Only Festival Pass, we’ll be able to look you up at Will Call by the name you purchased under.
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For the sake of public safety, NWFF patrons ages 5+ will be required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination and wear masks that cover both nose and mouth while in the building. Disposable masks are available at the door for those who need them.

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Films in this program:

It's Midnight Already

Tongo walks and talks. Northwest premiere

(Director: Starr Sutherland, Poet: Tongo Eisen-Martin, US, 2021, 4 min, in English, with no subtitles or captions)

our glorious bodies

Enter into a liberating and intimate space that reclaims the poet & filmmaker’s body from the shame placed on it by ableist expectations and celebrates disabled community, joining one disabled voice with community-sourced images of and by disabled artists. World premiere

(Director/Poet: Frankie McGee, Canada, 2021, 8 min, in English, with English closed captions and audio descriptions)

Photo is of and by River Budur, IG: @riverbudur


Life as seen through the eyes of a bell buoy, tethered to the ocean floor and held in place year after year as the seasons come and go.

(Director: Gaia Alari, Poet: James Morehead, US, 2021, 2 min, in English, with English subtitles)

Stabat Mater

In an exercise in structured formal repetition, a portrait, a recorded dialogue, and the first movement of Giovanni Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater” become a meditation on maternity and divorce. World premiere; winner of the Poetry by Video Artists Award at Cadence 2022! 🏆

(Director/Poet: Marina Sagona, US, 2021, 5 min, in Italian, with hardcoded English text)

Barbed Song (Canción de púas)

There is a world of sounds and another of silence. Without headphones, silence wraps me in a blanket of spikes, and with headphones the noise haunts me. Where do I belong if I can partially hear? Winner of the Female-Identifying Artist Award at Cadence 2022! 🏆

(Director/Poet: Abril Iberico, Peru, 2021, 5 min, in English & Spanish, with English subtitles)

Asking for permission (Pyydän lupaa)

Permission can both substitute for and reaffirm our own agency. This poem depicts that for which we ask permission, from whom, and why, creating an expansive interpretation through a cast of five performers who each improvise their own responses to the text.

(Kirsi-Marja Moberg, Finland, 2021, 2 min, in Finnish, with English subtitles)

The Kettle (La bouilloire)

In a letter to her aggressor, a young woman describes all the abuses she would, in turn, inflict on him. Authenticity and violence reverse the victim-culprit relationship in this autobiographical work. US premiere

(Director/Poet: Héloïse Bargain, Canada, 2021, 4 min, in French, with English subtitles)

america (i wanted to...)

Allen Ginsberg’s poem America re-imagined in the 21st Century. World premiere

(Director/Poet: Matt Mullins, US, 2022, 6 min, in English, with no subtitles or captions)

Letters to Lost Loved Ones

Animations and archival footage transform the letters, journal entries, poems, and reflections of nine incarcerated people during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic into a somber reprieve on injustice, mourning, loss, and healing. Produced in partnership with the Illinois Death in Custody Project team. World premiere

(Director: Jose Luis Benavides, US, 2022, 18 min, in English, with English closed captions)

life is a gift

what does it mean to be liberated? to be free? for yourself and those you love? in life is a gift, mu knowles (born & raised on the hilltop in tacoma, wa) takes us on a journey through these questions. Winner of the Northwest Artist Award at Cadence 2022! 🏆

(Directors: gloria joy kazuko muhammad (goes by joy) & mu knowles, Poet: mu knowles, US, 2021, 3 min, in English, with English subtitles)

Stepping Stones

An introspective reflection on personal lessons learned over time, exploring the messiness of growth. US premiere

(Director/Poet: Funke Alafiatayo, United Kingdom, 2021, 1 min, in English, with English subtitles)

Ankle Weights

A collaborative video poem by participants in the festival workshop, Animated Poetry with Neely Goniodsky, set to Janae Johnson’s poem Ankle Weights featured in her new book LESSONS ON BEING TENDERHEADED. World premiere

(Director: Neely Goniodsky, Poet: Janae Johnson, US, 2022, 2 min, in English, with English subtitles)

Three Part Meditation

Inspired by the Northwest rain and wind, captured on days that were reportedly “the most” something in local Seattle weather, this video poem aims to ease the viewer into a calmer mood by the end. World premiere

(Director/Poet: Jocelyn R.C., US, 2022, 3 min, in English, with English subtitles)

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Cadence Video Poetry Festival, presented by Northwest Film Forum, programmed in collaboration with Seattle author Chelsea Werner-Jatzke and artist Râna San, is a series of screenings, workshops, and discussions on the genre of video poetry, during National Poetry Month.

Cadence approaches video poetry as a literary genre presented as visual media that makes new meaning from the combination of text and moving image. Featuring screenings, an artist residency, generative workshops for youth and adults, and juried awards, the festival fosters critical and creative growth around the medium of video poetry.


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