Quotes & Accolades

Voted "Best Movie Theater" by Seattle Weekly, 2011

Voted "Best Movie Theatre on Capitol Hill" by KOMO Communities, 2010

Won "Best Film of 2009-2010, The Yes Men Fix the World" by Seattle Center Teen Tix

"Northwest Film Forum has a revitalized approach to event-based programming and continues to program excellent small-gauge independent work from around the world."  -Sean Nelson, The Stranger, March 2016


"Courtney Sheehan at the Northwest Film Forum – if you don't know her, you should - I hope you were there yesterday to see her on a very smart panel about engaging Millennials. She relies on a diversity of programming to sustain her theater – across film, music, dance and other live shows. She spoke yesterday so importantly about redefining and reshaping the cultural association of the arthouse cinema. She has made of the Northwest Film Forum a place that many different communities consider their space. She is much more than a curator; she acts as a facilitator – allowing community leaders of all kinds bring in their audiences to watch and discuss what really matters to them. She understands that her own curatorial voice could, in fact, be limiting. And by allowing many other – let’s call them community curators – to come in and take ownership of the space, she has sustaining audiences that come out for annual events from across the state. She calls it, and I love this - 'eventizing with substance.'"  -Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed and Spark, January, 2016




"Nothing compares to the way the Northwest Film Forum empowers local filmmakers by bringing the best programming in global cinema to the community and by giving filmmakers access to the facilities and equipment necessary to create work. In one building you can walk out of a screening of one of the most rare and esteemed filmmakers from Argentina and a few feet away enter a room filled with the equipment needed to channel the inspiration the place has just given you. The Northwest Film Forum is a resource to be cherished and it is a model for sustaining regional cinema." -Barry Jenkins, Director, Medicine for Melancholy

"The Northwest Film Forum has the best program director in Seattle. Adam Sekuler started almost four years ago, after leaving the Minnesota Film Arts in Minneapolis, and in that time he has brought some of the most exciting films in contemporary cinema to the NWFF screens. This was simply an amazing year for Sekuler, who is also a talented experimental filmmaker. He obtained Claire Denis's 35 Shots of Rum, Barry Jenkins's Medicine for Melancholy, and Carlos Reygadas's Silent Light, one of the greatest movies ever made. If Sekuler has another year like 2009, we will have to give him something more than a shortlist mention." -Charles Mudede, The Stranger


"A one-stop shop for Seattle's cultural life" - Regina Hackett, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 2008

"Long before Starbucks and Microsoft put Seattle on the corporate map, the city was a haven for artists, musicians and moviemakers. Since 2003, the city has helped 62 independent films get made in the area, due largely to the Northwest Film Forum, a 12-year-old organization with nearly 1,000 members which aids local moviemakers in getting their movies made by co-producing projects through their "Start-to-Finish" program. This kind of support has brought many new moviemakers to the city and kept even more homegrown talents enthusiastic about shooting their films in Seattle." -MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE, Winter 2007

"The medium is no longer the message. As [On the Boards] and Northwest Film Forum prove, mixing disciplines makes them stronger. Northwest Film Forum has turned into a hub that draws from visual art, theater, dance and music communities, recognizing the fluid new reality of contemporary art." - Regina Hacket, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER "Best of 2005" Issue: December 30 2005

"Seattle's cultural focal point... Increasingly, the forum is the dominant one-stop shop for the city's cultural life.... Something's happening here, and it feels like a real-deal cultural advance." - Regina Hackett, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER April 15 2005

"For many reasons - the automatic equation of the feature film format with Hollywood commercial product first among them - the U.S.'s non-profit funding world and the American independent filmmaking scene have acted like estranged cousins for the last two decades. Seattle's Northwest Film Forum is changing all of that with its 'Start to Finish' grant." - Scott Macaulay FILMMAKER MAGAZINE, January 2005

"What would Seattle be like without THE NORTHWEST FILM FORUM? This is a cruel question, for without it, Seattle's film community and its very film identity would be severely crippled - not a pretty scenario by any means. Founded in 1995 by Jamie Hook and Debbie Girdwood, built by tireless employees and scores of volunteers, the nonprofit NWFF is a jewel for Seattle; from its classes on film artistry, to its screenings of rare and underappreciated works, to its actual film production, Hook and Girdwood's creation has bloomed into the driving force for cinema in Seattle." - Bradley Steinbacher, THE STRANGER Oct 9, 2003

From THE STRANGER'S "10 Great Film Events"
Number 1: "Founding of the Northwest Film Forum (1996). From the dusty, depressed old relic that was the Grand Illusion grew a thriving nexus of film production and programming that fundamentally changed the focus of Seattle film, for the better." - Sean Nelson, THE STRANGER Feb 28 2002

"Seattle's jewel of a nonprofit film organization." - Bradley Steinbacher, THE STRANGER, May 13 2004

"On any given afternoon, you might find a group of actors rehearsing for a local production, within earshot of a small class of students learning how to develop their own rolls of 8mm film. A small library of film books sits on a cramped shelf near the studio's tiny den, where aspiring auteurs hand out and dream of a Sundance premiere." - Jeff Shannon, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, Dec 11 2001

"The people at Northwest Film Forum were great to work with and the theater itself is stylish.  We screened our film Until The Light Takes Us there, and it was a great experience from start to finish.  They are hip, professional, and truly dedicated people.  We certainly plan to work with them again in the years to come."  - Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, Directors/Producers

"The NWFF is a very valuable resource to this retired person living on a pension.  You make available quality film experiences at a modest cost.  Keep up the good work!" -Bob Riopelle, member and Seattle resident

"Parties at the Northwest Film Forum are always fun. There will be drinking and dancing and local film people who might soon be famous film people." –Lindy West, The Stranger, Jan 9 2009