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Fire at Sea

For residents of Lampedusa, life continues at a steady pace. Samuele, observant 12-year-old Lampedusan, likes playing on land, even though everything around him speaks of the sea and those who try to cross it to get to his island. Gianfranco Rosi simultaneously documents Samuele's life and a few of the many battered boats that wash ashore, as migrants finally reach land after a harrowing journey. What’s next?

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Documentary Film + Heritage/Memory Theory

December 12th, (Monday) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor:  Elliat Graney-Saucke
Tuition: $20 ($15 for Film Forum members)

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Documentary film is nonfiction - but how is this style of filmmaking a construction of memory or 'the past' based on the view of the filmmaker(s)? Through heritage and memory theory text we will discuss and apply the philosophical aspects of  how artistic and creative lens bias constructs memory/history/heritage within documentary film - the pros and cons, and why it matters.

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Intro to the Sony A7s DSLR Camera - December 6 & 8, (Tuesday & Thursday) 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Into to Cinematic VR with the Ricoh Theta S - December 12th (Monday) 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

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November ushers in not two, not three, but four new screening series at the Forum! Documentary fans, take note! The Gianfranco Rosi Retrospective will include four beautiful docs from Italy, Veracity: New Documentary Cinema introduces notable new approaches to documentary filmmaking and will be an ongoing series, and we'll be partnering with Grand Illusion for Three Wisemen; three early Frederick Wiseman docs on 35mm.




Cue Northwest Film Residency 

We’ve selected a filmmaker: Congratulations Neely Goniodsky! Learn more about Neely at

Cue Northwest is a partnership between Brick Lane Records and Northwest Film Forum. We believe connecting artists across disciplines creates a fertile environment for building community through art. Through a series of collaborative projects including production residencies and networking events, Cue Northwest will galvanize the film and music communities

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