Pride Month Programming at Northwest Film Forum!

June 12, 2018

It’s Pride Month, and leading up to Seattle PrideFest on June 24th, we will be celebrating LGBTQIA pride with a unique selection of screenings here at the Northwest Film Forum!  Seattle has always been a bastion for queer rights, so are excited to provide a Blanket Fort Films showcase to give you a taste of what cinema Seattle has to contribute to Pride culture.  Additionally, we will be screening queer films with national and international themes, including Queerama and The Gospel According to André.  To learn more about each of these, continue reading below!


Aperture 2018 Student Showcase
with Blanket Fort Films

Saturday, June 23, 2018
2:00pm to 6:00pm

We are excited to be hosting a showcase of some of the work up and coming filmmakers have done with Seattle’s Blanket Fort Films.  Blanket Fort is an non-profit organization that helps provide resources for young filmmakers who come from underrepresented communities.  At this particular showcase, we will be highlighting some of the best queer films to come out of the Seattle area made by these filmmaker by screening them and offering a reception where they will be discussed.



June 13 – June 17

Serving as our global showcase, Queerama is an experimental film, using only archival footage from the British Film Institute dating back to 1919.  In a sometimes surrealistic manner, this film chronicles the rapid successes of queer rights movements throughout the century, introspectively focusing in on the battles won and their impact upon individuals.  Ultimately, the film exposes the delicate gossamer that has been woven to assure queer rights in Britain, though its interest in the individual makes it universally relevant to queer and social justice movements in general.


The Gospel According to André

June 22 – July 1

This look at the journey and career of pioneering African American fashion icon André Leon Talley shows the genesis of his unique personality and the heart in his uncompromising quest to find and express what is beautiful to him.  As Talley finds himself both battling homophobic and racist culture, he looks back to the church days of his youth and the fashion that members of his community flaunted as a starting place for exploring his own aesthetic and defying the predispositions around him to become who he is today.

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