Northwest Film Forum logo




Logo Usage Guidelines

The logos provided are available for your use where appropriate. The original proportions, type and colors of the logo must be maintained. The image may be resized, but do not stretch or condense the logo. Please make the logo large enough and provide adequate space around it to ensure readability.

Using the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) of the logo is preferred, since it allows you to resize the logo for your needs without affecting the quality. 
When printing the four or spot color version of the Northwest Film Forum logo the upper text and center of graphic should be black and the bottom text and exterior of graphic should be Warm Red - Pantone 179.

When printing on black background (or including the logo in film credits) please be sure to use a logo file version that has a black background.  Likewise for printing on white backgrounds. 
If possible, to maintain the NWFF logo's visual integrity, the logo should never be crowded by text, titles, photographs, patterns or other symbols.
To maintain the NWFF logo's visual integrity, it should never be altered in the following ways: 

  • Do not separate or re-arrange the components of the symbol. 
  • Do not change the size relation between the logotype and the test. 
  • Do not reproduce the logo with different colors. 
  • Do not re-arrange the logos color combinations. 
  • Do not tilt the logo. 
  • Do not recreate the symbol from different type or graphic elements. 


If you require any other file format or design layout for use in print, web or film credits, please contact [email protected].