Film Production at Northwest Film Forum

Northwest Film Forum directly supports the creation of new work of filmmakers from Washington State and beyond, with cash, grant programs, and opportunities for visiting artists. We support over 80 films a year by our 300 members through our filmmaking programs.



Northwest Film Forum's PA Pipeline program helps connect those looking to get established in the film industry to productions and companies in need of help or interested in mentoring. Students who take our PA & Set Etiquette workshop can be placed on the list, and anyone interested in joining can request to be added. Sign up here:





Announcing the Outsider Films Fellowship

A two-week residency for 2-4 documentary filmmakers to explore the contemporary relationship between city and country. Residency includes housing in the Methow Valley of Washington for six days in April and six days in October 2017. Fellows will also receive instruction from experienced documentary pros, and assistance in production from start to finish. Finished work will be shown at Northwest Film Forum. Full info here >


Signature Shorts

Signature Shorts is a program at Northwest Film Forum that commissions two short films, from one to three minutes in length, by two regional filmmakers. The content of the films are at the discretion of the artists and vary from animation to live action. NWFF  finishes the movies as 35mm prints so they can be shown in commercial theaters at no charge to the venue. Independent theaters from around the state commit to screening the shorts before feature films, allowing them to reach a broader, more diverse audience than  most shorts ever would.


Start to Finish

Beginning in 1998, Start-to-Finish was the Film Forum's major vehicle for helping individual film projects get launched and into the world. Projects supported include Police Beat, Buffalo Bill's Defunct, and The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle. In each case, these were the first feature films and in each case Northwest Film Forum played the pivotal role in the films' production.