Signature Shorts


Signature Shorts is a program at Northwest Film Forum that annually commissions two short films, from one to three minutes in length, by two regional filmmakers. The content of the films are at the discretion of the artists and vary from animation to live action. NWFF  finishes the movies as 35mm prints so they can be shown in commercial theaters at no charge to the venue. Independent theaters from around the state commit to screening the shorts before feature films, allowing them to reach a broader, more diverse audience than  most shorts ever would.

Signature Shorts introduces local filmmakers to audiences in Washington. Although there are independent cinemas around the sate, with the exception of a very few non-profit organizations, they generally show neither short films nor local films. As on-screen  commercials have replaced the pre-feature short, these films will mark a new art experience for many audience members who little exposure to locally made work.  

With generous support from 4 Culture, Alpha Cine Labs and Modern Digital each participant will receive a modest cash budget per project to complete production, free services to finish the film on 35mm, and a $400 artist fee upon the completion of the  project. In addition, Northwest Film Forum will provide additional production and post-production equipment, and negotiate with Seattle area vendors to solicit donated and discounted services.  

The Signature Shorts program began in 2005, and to date has commissioned films by Sarah Jane Lapp, Stefan Gruber, Britta Johnson, Matt McCormick, and Wes Kim. Theaters interested in  screening Signature Shorts should contact Dave Hanagan at [email protected]