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Open House: One-Year Film Comprehensive

Free event!

Mar 24 - May 11

Join us for a Film Comprehensive Open House to learn more about our new one-year film education program. You'll hear more details about our progressive curriculum, plus in-depth class overviews from program instructors. Ask us questions about class schedules, professional opportunities for students, tuition payments, how to make your application stand out in our competitive admissions process, and more.


Photo by James Drury on Flickr Creative Commons.

Open Script Read

Free event!
Happy Hour: 6:30pm
Readings: 7pm
Last Monday of the month

Apr 27 - Jun 29

Join Northwest Film Forum for a monthly Open Script Read! Local screenwriters and filmmakers may submit 10 pages of their original work in order to hear a live table read, with an ensemble of professional actors, and get feedback from both actors and other participants. 



Man from Reno

Seattle premiere!

Apr 30 - May 04

(Dave Boyle, United States, 2014, DCP, 111 min)

The neo-noir is back with a vengeance: Man From Reno is a twisting puzzle of a film, one that effortlessly swivels between multiple story lines and multiple languages. Director Dave Boyle (White on Rice, Surrogate Valentine) picked up Best Narrative Feature at the LA Film Festival for this impeccably scripted mystery, which pays homage to the great noir traditions even as it challenges the genre.



BFE: DVD Release Party!

Happy Hour at 7:30pm
Screening at 8:15pm

May 02

(Shawn Telford, United States, 2014, DCP, 98 min)

Boredom and bad decisions are a part of life in far-off places like BFE, a small, isolated town on the edge of nowhere, Idaho. Young and old struggle to live free or die trying. This includes Grampa, who has a terminal illness but won’t go down without a fight. His grandson Ian divides his time between teaching the old man how to live, and trying to catch the eye of the troubled and angelic Ellie. The only problem is Ellie's popular boyfriend Zack, who stands in the way. 



Gringo Trails

Seattle premiere!
Co-presented with the Seattle Documentary Association, with post-screening discussion!

May 03

(Pegi Vail, United States, 2014, 79 min)

Gringo Trails is a documentary focused on tourism and its effects on locales. Raising important questions about what's left in the wake of tourist culture, the film focuses on decades of human impact on beaches, forests and deserts across the world.



Open Screenings at the Film Forum

Free event!

Feb 09 - Aug 03

Are you a local filmmaker looking to share your work? Seeking feedback on your film? Want to see what other people are currently working on? Come join us for our monthly opening screening! Hang out with new and established filmmakers and experience films being made right here in our community.



Balikbayan #1

Visiting guest filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik!  
Working title: Memories of Overdevelopment (1979-2015)   

May 05

(Kidlat Tahimik, 2015, Philippines, 150min) Shot in mixed formats (16mm, digital SD, analogue VHS/ HI8 and any media available.)

The latest piece by acclaimed Filipino filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik (The Perfumed Nightmare) is a filmic voyage spanning 35 years. Winner of the Caligari Prize at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival, Balikbayan #1 tells the story of Enrique, Magellan’s slave (arguably a Filipino) who inadvertently became the first person to ever circumnavigate the globe.



Roaring Into Our 20s: Northwest Film Forum's 20th Anniversary Gala

May 08

Put on the Ritz on May 8: Northwest Film Forum and Honorary Chair Linda Derschang invite you to a joyful celebration of Northwest Film Forum history. Please join us for this momentous occasion, to drop a few clams and support Seattle's most comprehensive film arts center.



Heaven Adores You

Seattle premiere!
Sponsored by KEXP 90.3!
Extended run by popular demand!

May 15 - May 26

(Nickolas Rossi, United States, 2014, DCP, 104 min)

A smart and complex portrait of Elliott Smith and his music, Heaven Adores You is neither fawning nor critical, but simply honest. The film is narrated through the memories of Smith’s closest friends and fellow musicians, supplemented with personal interviews conducted over the course of his career. Director and cinematographer Nickolas Rossi tracks the musician through life, tracing the fascinating trajectory of an artist finding his own unique sound. 



Puget Soundtrack: GRID presents The Strong Man

35mm film!

May 16

(Frank Capra, United States, 1926, 75 min, 35mm)

Join local music-to-film ensemble GRID for a sonic romp through Frank Capra's feature-length directorial debut The Strong Man, a Prohibition-era slapstick about a Belgian immigrant who dodges bootlegger gangsters after falling head over heals for his blind pen pal. 



Dance Film Salon: One Day Pina Asked. . .

7:15pm: Free Work-in-Progress Screenings
8pm: Ticketed Dance Film Salon Screening

May 18

(Chantal Akerman, 1983, 57 min)

Local choreographer and director Dayna Hanson hosts a new work-in-progress screening opportunity for local dance film work, followed by a screening and discussion of films from the dance canon.



Slovenian 8mm Experiments: Karpo Godina and Davorin Marc

May 20

(83 min, Super 8mm/35mm/digital video, 1965-1981)

Karpo Godina launched his career in the mid-sixties with a succession of 8mm experimental shorts, predominantly designed to question everything he was being taught at the state film academy. In retrospect, it seems as if Godina had to go through this romantic, frantic phase in order to arrive at what he became famous for: extracting as much (political) action and dynamics as possible from meticulously framed, perfectly still images. Emerging a decade after Godina, the post-punk Davorin Marc remains a subject for further research. Notoriously reclusive and with over 150 super-8mm and 16mm films under his belt, he modestly describes his work as “small films.”



Workers Film and Photo League Newsreels

Co-presented with MayWorks
16mm film prints

May 21

MayWorks is a month-long festival (throughout the month of May) that celebrates labor culture and history in Washington State. This archival film program celebrates the history of worker rights by diving into a lost canon of worker-made films from the 1930s.



The Sacrifice

New 35mm print!

May 22 - May 28

(Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia, 1986, 35mm, 142 min)

Andrei Tarkovsky made his final film far from his own home, on the Swedish island where his peer Ingmar Bergman lived. Anchored by his signature distance long shots and poignant silences, the film opens on a man’s birthday, as he plants a tree with his son. Soon, the peaceful quiet is interrupted by rumblings of war. Ebert ranked Tarkovsky alongside Bergman, Kurosawa, Ray and Bresson as the five filmmakers who "concerned themselves primarily with ultimate issues of human morality." 



Croatian Avant-Garde Filmmakers of the 1960s

May 24

(80 min, 16mm/35mm, 1963-1968)

“The filmmakers represented in this program are among the most prominent members of the enormously vibrant Croatian experimental scene of the 1960s. All of them were members of the amateur cine-clubs that formed in all the major cities of Yugoslavia at the time, as well as participants in the Genre Film Festival, a unique festival of experimental film in Zagreb that was the most important gathering point for “film researchers” and other independent filmmakers from Yugoslavia.” —Diana Nenadić 



The Experimental Film Movement in Serbia: Formative Years (1950s-60s)

May 25

(75 min, digital video, 1957-1964)

With the establishment of cine-clubs in Yugoslavia after World War II, the filmmakers at the front ranks of experimental (and, later, professional) cinema in Serbia in the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s—including Dušan Makavejev, Živojin Pavlović, Vojislav Kokan Rakonjac, and Želimir Žilnik—created a number of films that used narrative experimentation to pose questions related to the essence of the socialist social system.



Debacle Records Presents: A Night of A/V Pairings

Live music!

May 28

Local experimental music festival Debacle takes over our stage for live performance (Marisa Anderson, Garek Druss, Marcus Price) paired with work by local video artists (Jodi Darby, Nick Bartoletti, Coldbrew Collective).



The Experimental Film Movement in Serbia: Years of Structure (1960s-80s)

May 31

(80 min, digital video, 1968-1984)

Film as a medium of expression and film in which the structure plays the dominant role were the most widespread in the 1960s and 1970s in Belgrade. The films of Zoran Popović, Slobodan Šijan, and Ljubomir Šimunić explored diverse visual structures. Vjekoslav Nakić, Nikola Djurić, and Radoslav Vladić created films with pure structures and atmospheres. Ivan Obrenov and Bojan Jovanović, through the predominant postmodernist style of their works, again began to pose questions related to the topics of unfinished revolutions and neocolonialism.