The Seattle Process with Brett Hamil

Apr 21

Happy hour at 7pm!

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For this show we've got Washington State Solicitor General Noah Purcell, a.k.a. the guy who trounced Trump's Muslim Ban in federal court—twice! He's a Beacon Hill native, Franklin High School grad and UW alum, so we'll talk about his heroic work fighting fascism and his roots in the 206.

We've also got city council candidate and former Seattle Process Participation Award Recipient Jon Grant

As usual, there's the regular cast of characters: Human Warmth-Up Act Emmett Montgomery, Politically Uninformed Sidekick Travis Vogt and Underage Nonbinary Intern Galaxy. Plus shocking revelations and surprises! BIG FUN GUARANTEED!!

Press for Seattle Process:

“A lot of very important things happened.”The Stranger

“Hamil stands as the city’s premier political comic.”Seattle Weekly

Photos from the first two shows here and here.

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