The Shadow Council

May 31

The Shadow Council is a people’s legislative body / satirical current events forum hosted by Brett Hamil (of The Seattle Process). Expert Witnesses will present findings on topics both local and national. The Assembly will submit proposed legislation, public comment, questions and complaints.

Featured on the next session:

  • Mayoral candidate Cary Moon will answer questions and propose some Shadow Council legislation 
  • Mayoral candidate/musician Keith Whiteman will give a 2-minute speech while playing a drum solo
  • The Right Reverend Elder Missionary Chad Goller-Sojourner will bless us with a nondenominational prayer
  • As usual, we’ll pull questions, comments, complaints and proposed legislation from the Democracy Bucket™ and vote on it all. 

PLUS! We will be distributing Official Shadow Councilmember ID cards to all attending members of Seattle's Most Dangerous Unsanctioned Legislative Body

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