This Is What Resistance Looks Like

Apr 23

A fundraiser for The Establishment!

Sunday, Apr 23 at 07:00PM

What if media actually reflected the people that comprise our world? The Establishment aims to answer that question. Run and funded entirely by women and dedicated to providing a platform for marginalized voices, creators and stories, the Est. is a multimedia news + culture site just as diverse as the world we live in. 
Hosted by and featuring noted activist, writer, and Establishment editor-at-large Ijeoma Oluo, "This Is What Resistance Looks Like" will serve up an eclectic and exciting mix of feminist speakers, comedy, and a series of short films. Guests include comedian El Sanchez, comedian Brett Hamil, and artist/anti-racist organizer Nikkita Oliver.
VIP ticket holders get a bonus half hour of pre-show mingling 7 to 7:30 with all the performers!
Come out and support independent and intersectional feminist media! In a world where justice, art, and the joy of the written word are being threatened, let us all stand beside those who stand to lose the most.

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