YIPS Fest 2017

Jun 25

Sunday, Jun 25 at 03:00PM

YIPS stands for Young, Independent, People, Seattle. It is an international festival focusing on just that: short films made by those 18 years or younger, outside of a school program. The festival is completely youth-organized and curated by a highly motivated group of Ballard High School students.
Join these incredible young people for a film-packed day at Northwest Film Forum, Sunday, June 25, 3-8 pm! Get your (very inexpensive) tickets here.
Festival schedule: 
3:00-3:05: Introduction and Welcome 
3:05-3:45: Drama 1 Shorts Program
3:45-3:55: Q&A with "The Constant Revision" director Colton Van Till 
4:05-4:55: Experimental/Documentary Shorts Program
4:55-5:05: Q&A with "Jouska" director Wynter Rhys
5:30-6:10: Comedy Shorts Program
6:10-6:20: Q&A with "Traplord Tennis" filmmaker Wylie Soltes
6:30-7:15: Drama 2 Program
7:15-7:20: Q&A with "Oak" filmmakers Ethan Paisley and Maya Neumeier
7:30-7:45: Wrap up/awarding of audience award
Watch the trailer below:


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