Jul 28

(90 min runtime)

Mixed live by Tommy Swenson of Alamo Drafthouse!

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Friday, Jul 28 at 09:00PM

VIDEOJOY is a live, expanded-cinema VJ collage by the Alamo Drafthouse's Tommy Swenson. Featuring a bountiful cornucopia of neo-futurist A/V deconstructions, queer YouTube ephemera, and hyperreality-shattering magick rituals, VIDEOJOY is alchemically engineered to awaken your latent paranormal gifts and permanently tint your aura indigo. VIDEOJOY is an accellerationist joyride down the highway of late-stage neoliberal capitalism - a full speed collision into the sky-high firewall blotting out the horizon. Ascend from the vaporwave inferno into a paradise of pure processing power and divine quantum meme generation. This is the video mix show for the many, not the few. If you want a vision of the future, imagine VIDEOJOY kissing a human face - forever.

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