Bless Their Little Hearts

Aug 10 - Aug 12

(Billy Woodberry, US, 1984, 80 min)

Thursday, Aug 10 at 08:00PM
Saturday, Aug 12 at 04:00PM
Saturday, Aug 12 at 07:45PM

The UCLA-based L.A. Rebellion, an African-American filmmaking collective, represented a sea change in the history of Black Cinema. Coalescing in the wake of the Watts Riots, with the catalyst of affirmative action, the group would include Charles Burnett, Julie Dash, Billy Woodberry, Haile Gerima, and many other students of color.
Billy Woodberry’s 1984 Bless Their Little Hearts is a canonical work of the L.A. Rebellion. The film follows the agonizing story of a family struggling to keep their household intact. Charlie, father of three children and married to Andais, seeks employment, but the ruthless poverty of the Watts ghetto in early 1980s LA takes an inevitable toll on the family.
Bless Their Little Hearts examines the psychological distress of unemployment, concepts of masculinity that are tied up with capital and aggravated by economic inequality, and the vulnerability of familial structures in a troubled community.

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