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A Quiet Place in the Country

Aug 27 - Aug 28

(Elio Petri, Italy & France, 1968, 35mm, 105 min)

Sex, death, madness, and a stringent critique of art and commerce define Elio Petri’s A Quiet Place In the Country. Abstract painter Leonardo Ferri (Franco Nero) moves to a quiet country villa to escape the distractions of city life and regain artistic inspiration. His idyll turns out to be haunted by a ghostly presence, whose increasing encroachment on Ferri’s restorative getaway slowly begins to erode his mental state to the point of insanity.



Breaking a Monster

Seattle premiere!

Aug 26 - Aug 28

(Luke Meyer, US, 2015, 93 min)

Breaking a Monster follows the meteoric rise of Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal band of three African-American middle schoolers in Brooklyn. With the help of manager Alan Sacks, a 70-year-old industry veteran, they’re on their way to a 1.8 million dollar record deal and a precarious initiation into the music industry.



Seemed Caveats: New Videos from Dakota Gearhart

Local artist's video works on loop at the Film Forum!

Aug 01 - Aug 31

Now looped in the front window of the Film Forum for the entire month of August: New video works from local artist Dakota Gearhart examining connections between the environment, femininity, and digital futures.



Holy Hell

Seattle premiere!

Aug 26 - Aug 31

(Will Allen, US, 2016, DCP, 100 min)

Holy Hell is a mesmerizing and traumatic insider document of Buddhafield, the Los Angeles cult led by narcissistic sociopath Michel Rostand. Director Will Allen's comprehensive coverage of the group's activities is culled from footage shot at Buddhafield during his engagement as documentarian of the group.



Made in Venice

Sep 01

(Jonathan Pension, US, 2016, 76 min)

Jonathan Pension's Made in Venice covers the crusade of original "Dogtown" skateboarders to provide a permanent, maintained skatepark for the future pro skaters of Venice Beach.



Miss Sharon Jones!

Seattle premiere!

Sep 02 - Sep 08

(Barbara Kopple, US, 2015, 94 min)

Just as her career is taking off, iconic soul diva Sharon Jones faces her greatest challenge yet. This triumphant crowd-pleaser captures Sharon Jones during the most intense and courageous year of her life, as she battles back from a life-threatening illness to get back to where she belongs – center stage.



Los Sures

Introduction by Charles Mudede on Saturday at 8pm

Sep 02 - Sep 04

(Diego Echeverria, US, 1984, 57 min)

Diego Echeverria’s Los Sures skillfully represents the challenges residents of New York City's Southside faced in 1984 - poverty, drugs, gang violence, crime, abandoned real estate, racial tension, single-parent homes, and inadequate local resources - while also celebrating the vitality, strength, and resiliency of Williamsburg's largely Puerto Rican and Dominican community.



Branching Paths

Seattle premiere!

Sep 03

(Anne Ferrero, 2016, 83 min)

Branching Paths is a mosaic of the developers, publishers and people who gravitate to indie games in Japan.



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