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The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga

Nov 01

(Jessica Oreck, United States/Russia/Ukraine/Poland, 2013, 72 min)

An iconic fairy tale reveals its philosophical roots (and ripple effects) in this journey deep into the forest. The widely-known Eastern European folk tale of Baba Yaga tells of a witch with a cabin on chicken’s legs, and a penchant for children’s flesh. But Yaga’s world took on new meaning during wartime, when those who once feared her began to flee into the woods in search of refuge. 



Surviving Cliffside

Director Jon Matthews in attendance!

Conversation at 4pm before the screening with Jon Matthews, filmmaker Amy Benson, and program director Courtney Sheehan

Nov 02

(Jon Matthews, United States, 2014, 65 min)

Surviving Cliffside opens with a title card that reads, “dedicated to my homestate of West Virginia and all her complexities, contradictions, and immense beauty.” Those complexities and contradictions are explored through tender contemplation and unconventional narrative structure in this rare portrait of rural West Virginia. 



In Medias Res

Nov 03

(Luciana Fina, Portugal, 2013, digibeta, 72 min)

In the 1950s, Portuguese architect Manuel Tainha grew up as a young architect in Lisbon’s exciting modernist movement, and later became an acclaimed professor, going on to create work that subverted established standards for architectural form. More than a biographical documentary about a renowned architect, In Medias Res creates dialogue between space and time, filmmaker and viewer, inside and outside, architecture and other art forms. 




Nov 04

(Sergei Loznitsa, Ukraine, 2014, 131 min)

Both timely and timeless, Maidan captures the massive public demonstrations  in late 2013 and early 2014 that catalyzed the Ukranian Revolution and deepened rifts between Russia and the West. Director Sergei Loznitsa (My Joy, In the Fog) lets the people speak for themselves, opting for long static shots and refraining from imposing voice over narration or traditional interviews. 



Song from the Forest

Nov 05

(Michael Obert, Germany, 2013, Blu-ray, 96 min)

As a young man, burgeoning musicologist Louis Sarno was gripped by a Bayaka pygmies song he heard on the radio. After researching the song’s homeland, he traveled to the rainforest of the Central African Republic to learn more. 25 years later, he has recorded thousands of hours of Bayaka music, raised a son in the forest and lives with the Bayaka people.



The Seattle Documentary Summit

Nov 07 - Nov 08

Join many of Seattle's top non-fiction professionals as they discuss the important issues surrounding the industry. Topics include: storytelling to help raise money, storytelling in production, interactive storytelling, legal issues and new distribution models. 



Indigenous Showcase: Misty Upham Tribute Screenings

Nov 08

Join us for a free community screening this November of August: Osage County and Frozen River, part of our Indigenous Showcase collaboration with Longhouse Media. This event is presented in tribute to the life and work of Misty Upham, the talented local actress who passed away in October 2014. Join us to remember and celebrate Misty's life and work.



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