Required Viewing (Film Appreciation)

Fabulous Flops

October 3rd to November 14th (Mondays) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
No Class October 17
Instructor: Aniello De Angelis
Tuition: $75 ($60 for Film Forum members)

Since cinema's inception, the motion picture has been held to certain expectations. Either monetary or critical, bars are set to be smashed, met, or in some cases, to fall terribly short. With the non-stop blockbuster system of today, it's seemingly impossible for the onslaught of sequels, adaptations, and reboots to all succeed. So what happens when a film flops? Most importantly, why does a film flop and who or what is to blame? Rather than looking at an obvious case such as simply acknowledging no one needed another Terminator film, we'll look at the flopped triumphs that came before the big budget hysteria of contemporary cinema. The films that set to change the landscape, and received universal backlash as a result. The films that ruined careers and now rest in pristine collections and registries. Films that are considered, to this day, absolute failures, but have a undying cult defending them. It's a venture through the vaults of cinema, and the flops and failures that comprise it.

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The Horror Film

October 20th and 27th (Thursdays) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: John Trafton
Tuition: $30 ($25 for Film Forum members)

Since the days of silent cinema, horror has remained a popular film genre, touching upon our deepest fears and visiting us in our darkest places. This two week workshop will examine the horror genre and all its different forms: the ghost, the monster, the vampire, the demon, and the nefarious other. The aim of this workshop is to provide a general overview of the genre, an understanding of its various themes, subgenres, and tropes, and what these films have to say about the cultures that produce them. This workshop will also look at horror cinema as a global phenomenon, reaching far beyond Hollywood—to Europe, to India, to Australia/New Zealand, and to East Asia.

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