Required Viewing (Film Appreciation)

In this series of seminars students will become familiar with how to understand and read the visual language of cinema and will become more acquainted with some of the greatest filmmakers who have ever lived.  Pre-registration is required. Email craig@nwfilmforum for registration.

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How to Build a Filmmaker -- Satyajit Ray

November 12th & 19th  (Thursdays) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Sudeshna Sen
Tuition: $60 ($50 for Film Forum members)

This workshop examines the various elements and circumstances that contributed in the evolution of master filmmaker Satyajit Ray. We will watch and discuss films from his early, mid-career and later years. Celebrated worldwide as a filmmaker, Satyajit Ray is equally famous in his hometown as a brilliant satirist, lyricist and writer. We’ll view films that highlight these talents, films not often found on VOD. Come savor the films of Satyajit Ray and hear the backstory of how he started making movies!