Multi-Session Workshops

Northwest Film Forum classes and workshops are designed to instruct filmmakers on both the mechanical skills required in current filmmaking technology and the artistic application of tools to explore the critical and emotional range of the cinematic experience. Classes and workshops are taught by working artists: filmmakers, writers, producers and editors.

Explore filmmaking by doing it. We do not want you to make a commitment you are uncomfortable with; we offer a wide range of classes and workshops that can be taken at whatever pace you prefer. Whether you are new to the art and plan to plunge into filmmaking as a career or you have purchased your own equipment and wish to drop in on a few certifications to learn more, our classes are for you. NWFF's curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics.

This schedule is updated regularly.  Please check back for new classes, or email to ask about our annual class offerings.


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Filmmaking Comprehensive *SOLD OUT

**Sold Out** Please contact us about being added to the waiting list for this class

October 2 - November 20 (Tuesdays & Thursdays), 6:30pm-8:30pm
Instructor: Dan Thornton
Tuition: $740 ($695 for Film Forum members)

Limited to 6 students 

Meeting twice a week for eight weeks, learn the total complete professional workflow of making a film, from start to finish. During class you will have hands-on training with film, audio, light and editing equipment, as you actually make a short film during class sessions. This class will also cover pre-production, budgets, call sheets, script formats, log sheets and more. All basic film equipment will be provided in class.


Dance Film in Depth

Dance Fim Appreciation: October 15 - November 5 (Wednesdays), 6:30pm-8:30pm 
Dance Fim Production: November 12 - December 10 (Wednesdays), 6:30pm-8:30pm  **No Class Nov. 26th
Instructor: Dayna Hanson
Tuition for Dance Film Appreciation: $165 ($140 for Film Forum members)
Tuition for Dance Film Appreciation and Production: $330 ($280 for Film Forum Members)
This 8-week course offers a complete approach to the genre of dance film. Comprised of two 4-week units moving from appreciation and history to hands-on production of one-minute dance films, the course covers topics including adaptation, shot composition, choreographic editing, location and narrative.

Through viewing and discussion of seminal screen dance works, students will gain a nuanced understanding of what goes into an unforgettable dance film. Equipped with this information participants will spend the second half of the course creating one-minute dance films to be submitted to Cinedans’ 2015 One-Minute Dance Film Contest.

Students who are interested in dance film appreciation and not production may enroll in the first four-week unit only.

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Working with Musicians for Film

October 25 & 26 (Saturday & Sunday), 11am-3pm
Instructor: Jen Gilleran
Tuition: $350 ($330 for Film Forum members)

For musicians and non-musicians alike, this class will offer a hands on experience of working with a small music improv ensemble while exploring the process of creating a film score. As films are projected in class, students will have the unique opportunity to shape the live musical improvisation through a series of simple hand signals to communicate to the musicians, in effect improvising as well. The compositions are recorded and the work is evaluated and edited by the students. Later, the final collaborative score will be performed live at the Northwest Film Forum.

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History of Film Editing

October 6 & 13 (Two Mondays), 6:30pm-8:30pm
Instructor: Bernard Mann 
Tuition: $80 ($70 for Film Forum members)

This class will delve into the beginning of editing, from the silent period to the advent of sound in addition to the influence of the documentary style of editing. Class material will continue through Alfred Hitchcock's period while discussing the "new technolgies" of the past. The class will finish up with an overview of current trends in editing.  

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Audio Recording For Film and Video

October 7 & 9 (Tuesday & Thursday), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Robb Kunz
Tuition: $100 ($85 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 5 students

This two-day workshop will cover the essentials of audio, microphones, recorder technology and recording techniques to enable your production, no matter the budget, to sound professional. The first evening will be an in-depth presentation of the concepts. The second class will include three hours of hands-on learning with a field test and an evaluation. Students will leave knowing how to listen to, evaluate and capture better audio for film production.

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Post Production Sound and Audio Editing

October 14 & 16 (Tuesday & Thursday), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Robb Kunz
Tuition: $100 ($85 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 5 students 

This class will cover the fundamentals of audio editing and sound mixing for video. We will introduce available mixing and processing tools that will enable you to clean up noise, achieve consistency of sound and take your post-production sound to a professional level. The first two-hour class will focus on sound theory. For the second session, students are encouraged to bring clips as we work in the editing suite at the Northwest Film Forum.

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Intermediate Final Cut Pro X

November 3 - 24 (Mondays), 6:30pm-9:30pm

Instructor: Bernard Mann
Tuition: $330 ($295 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 5 students


This intermediate level class offers a hands-on, project-oriented approach into the deeper levels of the software. We will explore how to improve the quality of your audio during the mixing stage and how to manage a project that using multiple cameras. Students will then work through an advanced compositing module with a green screen and finish with an in-depth project focused on color correction. Students will finish knowing how to professional organize, edit and export any project using industry procedures and techniques.


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