One-Day / Weekend Workshops

Northwest Film Forum classes and workshops are designed to instruct filmmakers on both the mechanical skills required in current filmmaking technology and the artistic application of tools to explore the critical and emotional range of the cinematic experience. Classes and workshops are taught by working artists: filmmakers, writers, producers and editors.

Explore filmmaking by doing it. We do not want you to make a commitment you are uncomfortable with; we offer a wide range of classes and workshops that can be taken at whatever pace you prefer. Whether you are new to the art and plan to plunge into filmmaking as a career or you have purchased your own equipment and wish to drop in on a few certifications to learn more, our classes are for you. The Film Forum's curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics.


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Beginning Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6



Instructor: Chris Julian

Tuition: $330 ($295 for Film Forum Members)

Adobe's Premiere was one of the first desktop non-linear film editing systems. The recent releases of Premiere Pro has made it a robust platform that has become widespread among independent filmmakers and industry professionals. Some of Premiere Pro's more notable qualities include an easy workflow with After Effects and Photoshop, track-based editing, native support for RED and H.264/AVCHD footage, and 64-bit processing. 

A comprehensive understanding of the basic editing mechanisms of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, which will prepare you for your personal editing projects. 

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Intro to Aerial Videography

Saturday, May 24th 12:30pm - 4:30pm (Class code #1536) 
Instructor: Jeremiah Kaynor
Tuition: $60 ($50 Members)

Amazing aerial footage is not just a luxury for big-budget movies anymore. With the new Aerial Flying Units (AFU) that carry HD cameras, the options are limitless. Come and discover the world of AFU’s/Drones and the new tool for Aerial Cinematography as we cover what is now available to independent filmmakers. See the different ranges of AFU’s and have a chance to watch them in action as you learn all about Aerial Cinematography with AFU’s. The only limits are your imagination!


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Working With Green Screen: Theory & Practice

APRIL 27 (SUNDAY), 11-5pm

Instructor: Bernard Mann

Tuition: $90 ($70 Members)


In this one day workshop, you will learn all you need to know about light and photographing your subject for green screen effects. After photographing, you will learn how to composite your footage using Final Cut Pro X's advanced keyer over a background. In class you will learn how to light and frame your subject against the green screen to get a good 'key' in the editing room. In post, you will learn how to position the subject over the background, and make the subject look and sound part of the background scene. Bring your own camera if you have one, but it is not required.



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Introduction to Color Correction


Instructor: Michael Poggenburg

Tuition: $145 ($125 Members)


Color correction is one of the keys to film editing and is an art form unto itself. This six-hour class introduces you to the basics of color correction that focuses on what to look for when correcting footage and how to use video scopes. Working in Northwest Film Forum’s edit suite, you will discover how Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects each allow you to correct and stylize your footage. Practically, we will learn how to create film “looks” of our own in order to change the mood of the scene, correct contrast, modify saturation, skin tone, and match footage shot on different cameras or under different lighting conditions. No matter which editing software you use, this class will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to use the color correction tools available and train your eye to fundamentally correct the look of your film.


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Motion: Animating Text and Video

APRIL 19 (SATURDAY), 11-5pm

Instructor: Bernard Mann

Tuition: $90 ($70 Members)


In this one day class you will learn how to use Apple’s Motion 5 program, which is an ideal tool for creating dazzling animations and effects in 2D or 3D space. You will learn how to composite different types of media and how to add eye-catching titles to Final Cut Pro X projects. Through the day you will have your own workstation to ensure that you will get up to speed quickly with Motion’s basic suite of effects. This class is appropriate for anyone who has basic knowledge of video editing software. Final Cut Pro X experience is preferred but not required.



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Crash Course in Apple Compressor

WHEN: APRIL 20 (Sunday), 11AM-2PM

Instructor: Michael Poggenburg

Tuition: $70 ($50 Members)


Apple Compressor is the audio and video encoding program that is included with Final Cut Studio and one of the chief ways to prepare your film for exhibition and distribution. This class will explore the basics of format conversion (transcoding) and compression for such applications as making a DVD, preparing footage for the web, and converting different video formats for editing and post-production. Topics covered will be basic program navigation, understanding some of the most common codecs, re-timing for slow/fast motion, and the many different output options that Compressor will give you in your future projects. After taking this class, you'll know how to convert video between NTSC and PAL, maximize that quality of your web content for YouTube or Vimeo, make high quality slow-motion footage from regular video, burn customized DVD content, and more. Recommended for users of Final Cut at all skill levels.



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