Directed by Tom McIntire

703 is a short dark comedy about jealousy, mistakes and consequences. And pizza.

2016 was a bust year for most of us. The election and the simmering hatred behind the result have made it more important than ever for marginalized communities – people of color, LGBTQ folks, immigrants and refugees, and women – to tell stories in our own ways and on our own terms. As a gay elder, I have turned my attention to stories of my generation of gay men that are relatable beyond our ‘gray gay boomer’ demographic.

703 features James, an elder gay male protagonist who works through a marital betrayal while calling in his usual pizza delivery order. Claire is a middle-aged musician who makes ends meet working at the pizza delivery call center. It’s Friday night, and James almost always happily chats while he orders the usual from Claire. But tonight is not business as usual; Claire senses something is terribly wrong.

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