Fiscal Sponsee – Appleseeds


Directed by Derek McNeill

When Bill, (85), was pressed about past regrets, he reflects on a childhood memory of calling his mother a name because she wouldn’t let him go to the corner store, and makes her cry. “I regret that now. I wish I could take it back,” Bill said.

But that was an exception. By in large, he seemed to avoid regret and live peacefully by choosing to perceive past mistakes as merely stepping stones. His, and others reflections demonstrated that, although seemingly small things can stay with us for the rest of our lives, how they shape us depends on how we choose to view them as we grow older.

When the interviews were first viewed as a stand-alone master’s thesis exhibit, visitors were moved to tears by hearing the heartfelt and poignant reflections. They felt hope, and a gratitude for the opportunity to feel something human, cathartic, and meaningful through the experiences of those who have weathered long lives.

Appleseeds expands on this by following the subjects into their daily lives, while getting closer to their life-experience, and world views. Experts in emerging scientific thinking provide the context and research related to actively shaping our own perceptions. Balanced between the experiences of those who’ve lived long lives, and the scientific perspective, Appleseeds seeks to discover if happiness is more than just a byproduct of happy experiences, but is also a conscious choice in times of adversity, and throughout our lives.

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