Fiscal Sponsee – Coffee & Sugar

Coffee & Sugar

Directed by Andy Volk

March 1950 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Carol Nussbaum was visiting with her parents from Indiana. George Volk, from New Jersey, was on a break from school. They met one fateful night thanks to a mutual friend. After a slew of double dates, George and Carol went off on their own. On their first date, George gave her hand a squeeze. Carol squeezed back. Two days later, they were engaged. Three months later, they were married. With eight children, twenty-two grandchildren, and a handful of great grandkids, their little squeeze created a legacy stretching across the Western states, from age one to ninety-three.

Carol and George built a family based on unconditional love. They were committed to giving their children the best lives they could and were willing to make any sacrifice. Their unwavering generosity and kindness have rippled throughout the generations of the Volk family. Anyone who has known Carol and George would agree they did everything for others and never asked for anything in return.

Their life together is a symbol of love that can be found when you least expect it. 70 years later, the world is full of digital relationships and dominated by fear and anxiety. It’s the true, honest connections that remind us how important it is to be open to unexpected encounters – and to each other.

You’ll never be able to see the lightning strike, but as Carol says, “when you know, you know.”

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