Fiscal Sponsee – She the Creator

She the Creator

Directed by Juliette Wallace

Lilith, an isolated recluse finds her only connection through her caretaker Kat, who cares for Lilith, though with hazy boundaries of morality and professionalism.

As she decides to stop taking her medications, Lilith begins painting for the first time since her trauma years prior.
Both Lilith and Kat become increasingly invested in the completion of her latest series ‘The Elementals’, pushing Lilith’s mental state to the limits.
In search of acclaim, fortune, catharsis…the artist can create an entire world–but at what cost?


About Bioluminescent Films

Bioluminescent Films is a Production Group creating films in a whole new way. Focused on creating safer spaces for marginalized voices and elevating marginalized perspectives, Bioluminescent Films strives to create a better future for filmmakers.

Through the use of ceremonial gathering, cooperative group efforts, and cathartic focus we hope to make the filmmaking process one of release, trust, excitement, and nurture for all involved. This group has a Femme and Queer focus, meaning we make films that are rooted in telling femme and queer stories and our team is made up of mostly femme and queer people. We do not exclude anyone, but want to create a team that is a safe, conscious, and compassionate place for femmes and queer people to create and be empowered by a strong and passionate community.
We are all coming together to create, and we believe each person in the creation process should have space and respect given to their vision, intention, and the product that comes from their work.

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