Fiscal Sponsee - Dollhouse


Dollhouse is a performance show that draws inspiration from Southern gothic stories, and the reclaiming of diverse bodies and skin to celebrate the female body. In Dollhouse, we weave stories on race, female sexuality and the challenges women of color experience through dance.

Come into our Dollhouse, and prepare to have a hauntingly beautiful time. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, boo boo. Dollhouse includes technical choreography by Shadae Simone, and is an original piece created and produced by Simone Pin Productions.


About Simone Pin Productions:

Simone Pin Productions is passionate about creating shows that include a diverse cast, and showcases the beauty, strength and sex appeal of dancers and performers of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Our mission is to entertain and to captivate our audience with an experience that is thought-provoking, sexy and powerful.

Simone Pin is co-run by Shadae Simone, Founding Artistic Director, and Annya Pin, Founding Director of Operations. Together, we handle every aspect of production services from costuming, choreography, marketing, to dancing and performing in our own productions.

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