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Feel Good Voting

We harness the incredible power of micro-influencers on Social Media to turn Viewers into Voters.
Behavioral science data shows that messages are more likely to motivate behavior change if those messages are delivered by a trusted role model or influencer, shared amongst peers and emotive rather than instructive.

We work with micro-influencers who have an established following on social media. Each micro-influencer has a niche, whether it be music, travel, pets, food, make-up, or fashion. Together we craft authentic voting messages that are integrated into each influencer’s site. Every message is accompanied by a link to our voter tools so users can easily and immediately register to vote, get a mail-in ballot, or find their polling place.

We study the art and the science of motivational media. We put a data tag on every message and every influencer, so we can track and optimize performance.

We are 100% digital and extremely scalable. Our model of shareable media has low distribution costs. Our goal is to become the lowest-cost, most-efficient means of motivating new voters to cast a ballot in favor of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Feel Good Action has a long-term outlook. We aim to harness the tremendous power of social media to effect positive change in the country and the world. We believe the science of motivational messaging in new media is the most important mode of future communication. The world is depending on us.

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