Fiscal Sponsee – Fruitbowl: An Oral History of Queer Sex

Fruitbowl: An Oral History of Queer Sex

Fruitbowl uses both podcasting and documentary filmmaking to document queer coming of age in all its variety and complexity.

Each interviewee is asked the same 15 questions that encourage them to reflect on their first awareness of sex and the path they took to discover their sexual preferences.  Embedded in Fruitbowl’s DNA is a collective narrative about the queer sexual revolution from different generations who have experienced it first hand. Some people came of age in the 70s, liberated from the closet by the sexual revolution; others grew up during the AIDS crisis, knowing that intimacy could kill them. Today we’re living in a post marriage equality world at a time when meeting other queer people is as easy as opening a smart phone app. When mixed together, these narratives illustrate the amazing trajectory of the queer rights movement of the last 50 years and the different ways lives and relationships were shifted and altered when queer people decided to love openly without shame.

Help us reach our goal to interview 100 different queer people from diverse backgrounds and locations. Each person’s interview will be turned into a single podcast episode.  Each interview is filmed in anticipation of a feature documentary that will walk viewers through the coming of age years and show the many different and similar ways that we discover ourselves.

You can find links to podcast episodes and more information about the project at

Here are two clips that were created to promote the podcast but they also show the editing strategy that will be used for the documentary feature film.

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