Fiscal Sponsee - Goshen


Directed by Noah Weisel

Friday afternoon. The sun hides behind climate-cooling sky blankets. New housing soars but so do weeds left to grow in empty lots. Insect cacophony. Almost can’t hear the messages flashing through via Bracelet: kid’s nearly home…dinner’s in the oven…and don’t forget the Rabbi’s coming over. That’s when the lying will start.

In a near future where the State of Israel has ceased to exist, Goshen puts an intimate frame around two women navigating the Jewish Diaspora on conflicting paths of righteousness. A graduate student thesis film, this 20-minute morsel of cloistered science fiction offers a twist on the ‘Nazi Hunter’ genre that’s bound to cause a stir.

Awarded genre filmmaker, Noah Weisel turns his focus away from recent Lovecraftian diversions to tackle one of the planet’s most hot-button issues in a way that’s sure to frustrate all sides. The husband of a Seattle-area rabbi and a student/teacher at a university with a complicated history of anti-Zionist rhetoric, Weisel promises to bring a unique and nuanced perspective that’s rooted in the experience of Diasporic identity.

Working from a script which was ‘2nd Rounded’ at the 2021 Austin Screenplay Competition, the mostly PNW crew and cast (starring Zoe Curzi) will mine locations in Washington and Oregon to bring the story world of Goshen into existence. The finished film will conclude Weisel’s MFA from San Francisco State University.

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