Fiscal Sponsee - Hooyo Macaan

Hooyo Macaan

Directed and written by Mawahib Ismail

Samira is a recent college graduate and a current disappointment to her mother. She is faced with the biggest challenge yet, her mommy issues. Samira comes head to head with her mother when they attend a Somali tribal party. Despite her poetic way with words, she can’t seem to find the right ones to stand up for herself against her mother’s constant dismissal. This results in a dance-off, the massive consumption of goat meat, and a kid figuring out how to want herself. Hooyo Macaan creates a space that highlights the beautiful, ugly, and heartbreaking aspects of having a relationship with a maternal figure. It is told through the eyes of someone who is historically unseen in media. This story asks a universal question: “Am I wanted?” and answers it in a new and refreshing way.”

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