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Her Mad Hatter

Her Mad Hatter is an exciting and commercially viable feature film project set to film near Seattle in March 2024. The film is an adaptation of a best-selling fantasy romance novel that combines compelling storytelling, strong performances, high-quality virtual film sets, and immersive sound to captivate audiences. With an experienced and talented team involved, Her Mad Hatter is poised to become a hit in 2025.



Her Mad Hatter is a twist on Alice in Wonderland. Danika, fairy godmother to villains, has very little time before Hatter’s sanity slips away forever. If she doesn’t find his true love, Wonderland will disintegrate with him. Danika knows that person is “Alice.” But, which one? Opening his heart to and losing Alice after Alice over centuries has chipped away at Hatter’s confidence and sanity.

When Alice Payne was 13 and dying of cancer, she deliriously called Hatter to her bedside and he cured her. Now, Alice runs a Mad Hatter-themed cupcakery in Seattle and suffers from migraines and exhaustion.


Danika pays Alice a mysterious visit which leads to Alice plummeting into Wonderland. Hatter pulls Alice through crazy landscapes, confused feelings, and the dredges of mental illness. A theme of self-respect and unstigmatized handling of mental illness elevates Her Mad Hatter into a love story imparting valuable social commentary.



Led by writer / director, Nicole Pouchet, the team is thrilled to be a recipient of Washington Filmworks’ Small Budget Program Initiative, which provides 40% of budget. However, with its elaborate Wonderland settings, a film like Her Mad Hatter would typically still be impossible for any small production company. The project is moving forward with virtual sets on LED Walls—instead of expensive CGI and VFX—to bring our fantasy to life. We are also depending on donations from folks like you.

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