Fiscal Sponsee - Seattle Black Panthers Fight for Justice & Freedom

Seattle Black Panthers Fight for Justice & Freedom

Directed by Rick DuPree

Produced by: Rick DuPree, Aaron Dixon, Elmer Dixon, and Marques DuPree


“As Black Panthers, we say “all power to the people” because when people get together, change happens.”
-Aaron Dixon, Seattle Black Panthers Co-Founder & Captain

The Black Panther Party (BPP) shined the light on systematic oppression, police brutality, and the targeted victimization of black people; they led the charge to tear down the stronghold of institutional racism, inhumane treatment of black people, bigotry, and injustice in America and all over the world.


In the Pacific Northwest, the first chapter outside of California was birthed as a result of the activism of many young brothers and sisters in Seattle, Washington. This is their story, one that has largely been untold. This is the story of the chapter they founded in Seattle, of two teenaged brothers among the group’s leaders, and the Party’s fight for liberation, freedom, and justice for all oppressed people. Work that continues today.

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Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave,

Seattle, WA 98122

206 329 2629

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