Fiscal Sponsee – Streak


Directed by Alex Leas

Written by Alex & LeVann Leas

Streak follows a man in the community known as “Khla” (‘tiger’ as translated from Khmer). Khla is a Cambodian man who fled to American from Cambodia in 1979 after being a child soldier for the Khmer Rouge, in an effort to not only escape the Khmer Rouge’s regime but to reunite with the remainder of his family. However, when Khla came to the US, he traded one war for another by operating a gang of Southeast Asians working for a bigger operation in China.

In 1986, after committing to his ‘American dream’, and loving his lifestyle despite racial prejudices, Khla’s younger brother Sonny is considered missing after not returning home from school after three days. Khla asks his community and searches the streets for his younger brother. After losing his father and older brother to the regime, he cannot fathom the idea of his losing his baby brother. Khla eventually hears whispers of a rival gang brutally beating a young dark-skinned Asian boy to a bloody pulp who he is certain is his brother, Sonny.

Khla prowls the streets in hunt of these men with his gang, and finds himself in a situation where things may not be as black and white as he expected.

But can Khla accept it? Can anyone accept it, knowing that they hurt someone in your family?

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