The Fruit Salad Show

The Fruit Salad Show

The Fruit Salad Show is a recurring, free, hybrid comedy/variety show and community event that centers and celebrates queer artists of all ages for all ages! Our live shows are filmed (not live-streamed) captioned and available online to anyone with an internet connection. It’s a joyful, fruity fusion of multiple disciplines including sketch, drag, puppetry, circus, music, and dance combined with civic engagement, community activities like free educational workshops, and food, clothing,& book drives.

What makes this special?

  • Intergenerational
    • This is NOT a “kid’s show.” It’s a creative space by all ages for all ages.
    • The current roster features collaborators ages 10 – 70
    • Fosters community, connection, & mentorship between generations.
  • Hybrid
    • It’s a live show that features some filmed sketches, acts, interviews, etc.
    • The live show is filmed, captioned, & available online for everyone.
    • Classes and workshops are offered both in-person and remotely.
  • Queer
    • Prominently features a rotating diverse cast of LGBTQIA2S+ talent
    • Centers queer experiences & stories.
  • Financially accessible
    • Free or Pay-what-you-can donations instead of admission prices for shows AND classes/workshops.
    • Performers, crew, educators, & staff are paid competitive stipends for their work.

Why Now?

Between deadly laws being passed that target trans folks, harmful rhetoric calling queer educators “groomers,” book bans, drags bans, etc. It’s getting increasingly dangerous to be queer in our world.

The Fruit Salad Show is a port in the storm. An act of resistance. A place for the community to come together to create, share, and laugh.

Mission – Celebrate queer artists of all ages through comedy and community.

Vision – The Fruit Salad Show aspires to create an inclusive and accessible place for queers and ride-or-die allies to take up space. We cultivate creativity, education, and an intergenerational community. We strive to remove financial barriers for audiences while compensating collaborators with competitive stipends and opportunities for growth and exploration.

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Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave,

Seattle, WA 98122

206 329 2629

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