Fiscal Sponsee – In Her Hands: Key Changes in Jazz

In Her Hands: Key Changes in Jazz

Directed by Kay D. Ray

Join The Whole World In Her Hands tour on the road, as they drive hundreds of miles through countryside and cities, from New York to Kentucky. With an empowering song “I’m A Superstar” by Israeli trombonist Reut Regev as a backdrop, we see the group from load ins, sound checks, exciting performances to a cd recording session in New Jersey.

We visually touch on a piece of history of Women in jazz with clips of interviews with women from 20 years ago. They address the issues and obstacles which were facing them at that time.

We fast forward back to the tour and to present time with The Whole World In Her Hands tour. Pianist and educator Monika Herzig tells audiences why the tour is important. With interviews from the group, we explore the importance of seeing incredibly talented female jazz players playing together, of playing at various venues from large and small clubs, to educational institutions from middle schools to Universities, of creating open discussions about women musicians and conducting jazz and improvisation workshops.

Graphic transitions will visually take us from issue to obstacle with the women’s powerful musical performances of original tunes. We hear Herzig’s song “She’s Got The Whole World In Her Hands”, which realizes a version of an old standard. We experience how great jazz songs are created when independent, creative artists extemporize in an ensemble setting.

We open up the discussion of gender imbalance and how women are making opportunities in the field of Jazz around the country. From improvisation workshops in Marion Indiana to Madison Middle school jazz mentoring program in Seattle, from Equal Rights Advocates fighting Jazz at Lincoln Center for blind auditions to Girls and Women’s Jazz Camps in Berkeley, from Panels on welcoming, supporting and maintain girls in jazz conferences in New Orleans to Black Girls Play outreach program in the Oakland, women are fighting to end the equities for women in Jazz.

We transition to some vibrant young women who are excelling in Jazz today. They talk about the importance of support, acceptance, educational opportunities and their passion for the music. With these positive affirmations, the film ends with an over-the-top, energetic performance on saxophone by Grace Kelly at Jazz Alley in Seattle. She is the perfect example of how a young woman can excel in the music industry if she is allowed to follow her dreams with no restrictions.

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