Director / Producer – Michael Maniglia

Producers – Kerry Pride, Calvin Lime

It is imperative to capture the traditions and narrative of the Blackfeet in a way we can all share their unique history, and more importantly, archive it for posterity and ensure their story carries on. We will do this by creating a film, not just a “film”, but a living, breathing piece of American History that is more timely and arguably just as significant as any other social and political movement currently happening. We live during trying times; torn by our personal beliefs and predilections, we struggle to find our place amongst a torrent of biased media and an underlying lack of trust. The Blackfeet are no strangers to the current atmosphere of xenophobia and unrest. But through their way of life, they have persevered and continue to build on ancient traditions via close familial ties and an indelible spirit celebrated by way of ancient ceremonies and stories.

Our film will dive into the historical facts and utilize them as the base narratives from which we will draw several interwoven stories; stories that will take the place of the oral histories that ultimately fade. Our film will cover the details of how the Blackfeet have thrived in their native lands for centuries, whilst staying connected to mother earth. Montana and Glacier National Park will serve as the natural setting for the film as we profile the key personalities involved. We will pay significant attention to the best friend the Blackfeet have – The Horse, which has played a front role in the success of the Blackfeet Nation throughout the centuries. The horse still plays an intricate role in Blackfeet culture, being used in ranching, racing, Indian relay, rodeo, pleasure riding, and art.

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