The Snake River is the most endangered river in North America. The four dams on its lower reaches have been a major cause of the decline of Pacific Northwest Salmon and the hundreds of other species that depend on them. Tribal Nations from across the continent have protested against the dams since their construction, but the calls for their removal are reaching a heightened intensity. The Lummi Tribe has decided to lead an historic Totem Pole Journey throughout Pacific Northwest Indian Country to the headwaters of the Snake, to bring together diverse voices and free the river once and for all. This epic voyage is brought to life in the feature documentary TotemBridge, a film that explores the cultural and relational values that lie between industry and nature.

The film is centered around Gian Lawrence, an African-American father who grew up on the streets of inner city Tacoma, survived a near-lethal stab wound and decided to turn to nature, eventually teaching himself how to fish. Gian has pushed through racism and discouragement to blaze a trail for people of color in the outdoors. He is now an honored guest and witness on the Spirit of the Waters Totem Pole Journey, dedicated to its mission of bringing down the Snake River dams, restoring wild salmon, and starting the ecological and cultural healing process of the land and its original caretakers.

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Trailer for The Black Stonefly

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