Moving Stories: Documentary Filmmaking with Peter J. Vogt

Wednesdays (5x)
January 29, February 5 & 26, March 4 & 11
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Saturdays (3x)
February 8, 15, 22

$675 Tuition
$605 For Members

* A limited number of partial scholarships are available upon request.


Technology has simplified the acquisition, editing and presentation of moving imagery. Unfortunately, beautiful imagery does not equal crisp storytelling. Moving Stories 2.5 will steer students toward the most common, simplest technology to tell great documentary stories. Yes, we are talking about cell phones and whatever else we can pull together. Focus will be on teamwork, hustle, experimentation, and a few simple production methods to generate great source material. Tutorials from old Seattle pros will cover production methods and editing strategies. Each student will finish a one to five minute piece by the end of the workshop.

The workshop will work from a theme: “e pluribus unum”. All work must adapt the concept as a launching point for narrative. The stories must be documentary, not fiction, but they can vary from the traditional interview + b-roll format. Students will work in teams. Instructors will pinch hit on location shoots and manage all crises. We will make up the rest as we go along.

Minimal qualifications: Students must prove they can gather moving images (on any camera or cell phone) and transfer footage into an Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. Editing experience is not required, but beginning level familiarity with Premiere or the ability to get yourself up to speed through self study is recommended.

Students will need a hard drive, and will be provided free access to NWFF’s edit lab between the start and end dates of the workshop. NWFF can provide some DSLR or Apple devices for shooting, however students are encouraged to work with what they’ve got- the goal being to get you comfortable and driven to tell stories with what is most easily accessible to you.

FILM STILL: My Beautiful Blue Line short doc by Sara Terry, created during Wildmind Film Camp lead by Peter J. Vogt in 2013.

Peter J. Vogt

Peter J. Vogt

Documentary Filmmaker

Peter J. Vogt is an award-winning filmmaker with over 30 years experience in the film industry. His work has premiered at festivals such as Sundance, New York Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, and Bumbershoot, as well as art centers such as the Center On Contemporary Art. His work regularly runs on regional and local PBS, and his 2004 Up Thornton Creek aired nationally. Highlights include: Hype! which premiered at Sundance and achieved worldwide theatrical release; Nuts&Bolts, winner of a special jury prize at the 2000 Seattle Film Festival and shortlisted for the prestigious AFI’s digital film award. Peter is part owner of Optimistic Camera.


  • How many students per class?
    8-10, minimum 7, working in pairs to shoot, each student produces a film.
  • Will students supply their own camera/phone?
    Yes, iPads will be available as well. We’ll keep the gear as simple and minimal as possible to reduce time spent on that, and production footprint on location.

38 Minutes

Peter J. Vogt recently showcased his documentary short, 38 Minutes, during the “All Together Now” Short Film Program of Local Sightings Film Festival 2019.

The 38-minute film covers the disparate and overlapping memories of Hawaiians who experienced the terrifying false missile alert of 2018.

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