Summer Camp - Imagine, Design, Build - (Ages 11-14) August 16-20, 2021

August 16-20
M-F, 10:00am-3:00pm
@ SeaTac Community Center
Age range: 11-14

– Sliding Scale $0-$425 – All our camps are fully sliding scale. Payment at higher levels helps make them accessible to all.


Instructor: Mujale Chisebuka


This summer camp will help bring stories to life. Drawing from the feelings and techniques of comic books, animation, and film, this camp will help students to take their own life experiences and translate them into stories, characters, and environments that they wish to see and bring to life on the page or screen. Campers will learn drawing and painting fundamentals, creative processes, filmmaking pre-production techniques like storyboarding, and how to animate on iPads.

This camp is made possible by a partnership with SeaTac Community Center, and will take place at the community center at: 13735 24th Ave S, SeaTac, WA 98168. Campers will also be able to enjoy the neighboring Highline Botanical Garden as a group during lunch breaks and for camp activities.

Camp Preparation & Safety

  • All technology and art supplies are included in the camp cost and provided.
  • Snacks will be provided, and campers will be asked to bring a sack lunch with them to camp.
  • We will practice physical distancing, masking, and health screening according to city and state guidelines at the time of the camp. We anticipate this will include masking and physical distancing in the camp space, as well as temperature checks at check in each day.
  • While filmmaking is a highly collaborative art form, using shared equipment, this camp is designed to allow for more space and individual equipment for each camper. Each camper will get to work on designing and making their own creations, in a large collaborative space where they can share ideas and make friends.
  • If you have questions about enrolling in any of our camps, please email

Mujale Chisebuka

Mujale Chisebuka


I moved to Washington when I was 5. My artistic journey started at the age of three when I stumbled upon my father’s drawing.  I asked if I could try it, and from that day on I never looked back. I’ve always had a curiosity for life and a love for people. Coupled with my love for the arts, this led me to draw everyone and everything I saw. Through this process, I fell in love with and fully embraced my Zambian culture. Since moving to Washington, my passion for the arts, curiosity for life, and love for people have helped me to fully embrace American culture as well.

Growing up in a Zambian household and being surrounded by American culture, I have developed a love and understanding for both cultures and infused them into my art. Having a strong love for my heritage while also connecting to the American culture, (which is filled with many cultures)  has given me a rich experience that feeds my mind, body, and soul-enhancing creativity. As an African American artist living in a city that is growing in size and diversity, I have come to understand how I want to tell my story. I believe that educating people about the beauty and differences in my culture while connecting people through the similarities is the key to building on a system of cultural awareness and diversity.


As an artist, I love creating art that speaks to both myself and others about life and all the things it encompasses. The beauty, the culture, the moments, the upside and the down, Nature, the fear, the triumphs, and accomplishments- life is an amazing and mysterious miracle that I can only attempt to understand and capture through my art.  I’m forever intrigued, fascinated, and humbled by the Vastness of it all. I believe my creative mindset to be a  gift, and so I capture and share life through art.  In doing so, I strive to educate, inspire, and help move life forward because it’s not about myself but something bigger.

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