Art House Theater Day 2019: Community Show & Tell

This event took place on Sep 18, 2019

* This is a FREE event! Nonetheless, NWFF will be taking donations at the door in support of Art House Theater Day 2019! *


In the spirit of celebrating the community which is central to our work as a nonprofit film center in Seattle, Northwest Film Forum will be celebrating Art House Theater Day 2019 with a free program called COMMUNITY SHOW & TELL.

On a first-come, first-serve basis, brave (and/or foolish) souls will choose a short film clip that speaks to their personal relationship to art house cinemas, then give a brief presentation to a captive audience of other NWFF fans.

Participants are encouraged to interpret the prompt any way they like, whether the films are experimental or formal; chosen in seriousness or complete and utter jest; highlight personal work or other people’s work; and so on. Even their take on what constitutes a “presentation” is absolutely up for grabs (NWFF is known for its karaoke and live shows, after all), but what remains steadfast is the purpose of the evening.

Community Show & Tell is intended to entertain, delight, inform, and build bonds between NWFF members, regulars, strangers, staff, and students alike, in celebration of how art house theaters can be vital spaces that grow and sustain resilient communities.

NOTE: Clips must be available online on YouTube, and presenters / performers are encouraged to use their best judgment. Please refrain from using intentionally offensive or inflammatory materials.

Photo composite credit: Kristian Gorman

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