CHArts Streaming Festival - Closing Day: Toe Jam, MIPoPS, Longhouse Media, Vanishing Seattle & Velocity Dance Center

This event took place on May 3, 2020

This program will be streamed LIVE, both here and on our Facebook Videos page – visit right at showtime to join us!

All events are FREE, with sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can tickets and festival passes! All donations go to the COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund to support individual artists. Direct donations to the presenting arts organizations and individuals are also encouraged.


All programs will also be streaming online at Northwest Film Forum’s Facebook page.


Kame House + Toe Jam


Toe Jam is a lifestyle brand and underground party born in Tacoma, Washington, from the glaring need for a proper place for millenial and gen-z youth to consistently party, their way.

The youth of Seattle and Tacoma look to Toe Jam as a safe space where they can truly be themselves, turn up with friends and hear their favorite underground artists at full blast. As an independent music and art platform we remain focused on the goal of providing a stage for emerging and established artists while sticking to our warehouse style meets art gallery approach.”

Our event May 3rd will be filmed live at a secret & socially distanced location, 12-10pm, and feature acts like Avi Loud, Jay One, and MK.

Produced by Toe Jam TV and Satur8r. This event will be hosted on &



4:30pm-5:30pm: Virtual Moving History

MIPoPS is a nonprofit whose mission is to assist archives, libraries, and other organizations with the conversion of analog video recordings to digital formats according to archival best practices.

The May 3rd edition of their weekly program will be a selection of digitized videotape from the personal collection of John Frankenheimer! Frankenheimer donated several tapes of his earliest TV productions to Seattle’s Scarecrow Video, the largest physical video rental library in the country. MIPoPS aided in the digitization of these perfect nostalgia nuggets, preserving every tingle of suspense, campy commercial, and crackly soundtrack that remained on the tapes. The two particular episodes shown here come from the Playhouse 90 and Danger anthology drama programs, and star Paul Newman, Tab Hunter, Vincent Price, and Charlton Heston. Both are written by Rod Serling. Learn more >

Longhouse Media


The mission of Longhouse Media is to catalyze Indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change.

Sweetheart Dancers by Ben-Alex Dupris

** Featuring an intro and commentary by director Ben Alex-Dupris **

Sweetheart Dancers is a story about Sean and Adrian, a Two-Spirit couple determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the ‘Sweetheart Dance.’ This celebratory contest is held at powwows across the country, primarily for men and women couples, until now.


Boxers of Brule by Jessie Adler

** Featuring an intro and commentary by director Jessie Adler **

After losing several loved ones to suicide, Shaionna Grass Rope creates a girls’ boxing team with urgent hope she can alter the path for youth of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe. Her preteen squad faces challenges on the reservation with humor, sass and slushy-stained smiles. But Shaionna’s trauma-fueled struggle with depression and addiction continues to threaten her vision for change.


People of the Salish Sea Trilogy by Tracy Rector

“People of the Salish Sea” is an excerpt from the feature non-fiction film and media project called Clearwater. Supported by the Suquamish, Snoqualmie, Lummi, Muckleshoot and Squaxin Island tribes, this story explores the inherent relationship between the Coast Salish people and the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Join us as we move from the “place of clear salt water” to the shores of Bella Bella, British Columbia, during the 2014 Canoe Journey. It is in these waters and the adjacent shores—past, present and future—that the Coast Salish people live on the lands of their ancestors and great-great grandchildren.

Vanishing Seattle

7:00pm-7:30pm: Capitol Hill Episode Work-in-Progress

Vanishing Seattle documents the displaced and disappearing institutions, small businesses and cultures of Seattle – and celebrates the histories, spaces, and communities that give the city its soul.

Be the first to see a work-in-progress cut of the Capitol Hill episode in their ongoing series!

Velocity Dance Center

7:30pm-8:30pm: Performances by Local Dancers


Velocity is Seattle’s center dedicated to contemporary dance, and an essential incubator for new dance in our region. With artist-driven, community-responsive programming, Velocity provides vital resources and advocacy for one of the most active dance communities in the nation. Velocity’s programming includes classes, workshops, residencies, performances, discussions, and two annual international festivals.

Alicia Mullikin – TRAPPED
Alicia Mullikin is a Chicana dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist. Her work is greatly influenced by her identity as a first generation Mexican American woman of color. As an arts activist she uses her craft to spotlight the experiences of her culture and her ancestors. [support]

Cherdonna – DITCH
Part drag queen, part contemporary dance, and part performance art, Cherdonna Shinatra is a queer, femme, contemporary dancer who uses clowning, drag, theater, comedy, camp, pop culture, gay culture, feminist traditions, absurdity and subversive commentary to make art. Cherdonna is a persona created by Jody Kuehner to explore and question our world. [instagram]

m00nyeka – 1st Excerpt & Diwata

CHOP SHOP: Bodies of Work and Daniel Costa Dance – open / shut
Daniel Costa established Daniel Costa Dance (DCD) in 2015. DCD is a Seattle-based contemporary dance company whose purpose is to empower embodiment by creating spaces for individuals to discover more authenticity of the Self through dance and express that discovery with others in an effort to heal. [support]

Amanda Morgan – The Premiere

Lavinia Vago – NOESIS X (Excerpt)
Lavinia Vago is a dance artist based in Seattle, working between Montréal, NYC, Berlin, Vienna. She has created, performed and toured with SBDNY, Loni Landon, Vim Vigor Dance, Saint Genet, RUBBERBAND, Tianzhuo Chen and Kate Wallich + The YC. Lavinia researches, experiments, improvises and creates solo works. [website] 

LanDforms – AfterBANG
LanDforms is the creative partnership of Leah Crosby and Danielle Doell, who make movement-driven performance works. Crosby and Doell’s broad and multi-form creative careers include dance, music, puppetry, theater, floral design, fiber arts, and other expressive tools. As LanDforms, they examine how their disparate histories can be mined to create abstract performance works that are weird, but profoundly relatable. [website]


Capitol Hill Arts District Streaming Festival 2020

All programs will be streaming online at Northwest Film Forum’s Facebook page.


All events are FREE, with sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can tickets and festival passes! All donations go to the COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund to support individual artists. Direct donations to the presenting arts organizations and individuals are also encouraged.

Northwest Film Forum (6:30–7:30pm)
Photographic Center Northwest (7:30–8:30pm)
Community Programs (8:30–8:40pm)
Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (8:40–9:45pm)

Community Programs (7:30–8:30pm)
SubKulture Cabaret (8:30–9:30pm)

Crybaby Studios (7:00–8:30pm)
BeautyBoiz (8:30–10:00pm)

The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway (4:30–5:45pm)
Community Programs (5:45–6:00pm)
Hugo House (6:00–7:30pm)
Capitol Hill Block Party (7:30–9:00pm)
Kame House (9:00pm–dance o’clock)

Kame House x Toe Jam (12:00pm-10:00pm)
MIPoPS – Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound x NWFF (4:30–5:30pm)
Longhouse Media (5:30–7:00pm)
Vanishing Seattle (7:00–7:30pm)
Velocity Dance Center (7:30–8:30pm)

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