Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021 [Online] – Feature Films

Screening online only, Feb. 18–28, 2021

All CFFS 2021 film programs are pay-what-you-can, priced on a sliding scale, $5–25.

No one turned away for lack of funds; email about free community tickets!

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Young Warriors

** World premiere! **

Cosme and Maria, with their son Benedito and nephews Matheuzinho and Bruna, jump into a somewhat untrustworthy Jeep to go on a journey from the coastline to Barbalha city, where they plan to attend a special feast that they’ve always longed to take part in. All along the way, the trip is full of discoveries of landscapes and histories. The three children feel the enchantment of this unforgettable family adventure, and realize that they will always be great friends.

This is the road-trip film we need to see right now, filled with adventures and mishaps that miraculously always work out just the way they should.

Content warning: It may be helpful to know that this film is entirely trustworthy in terms of the happy resolution of all instances where it seems as though the safety of the characters is called into question.

For ages 9+
(Bárbara Cariry, Brazil, live-action, 2020, 74 min, in Portuguese with English subtitles)

Louisa: An Amazing Adventure

** North American premiere! **

In January 1899, an astonishing lifeboat rescue took place during the worst storm at sea in memory. This film, in gorgeous 3D animation, tells the story of that little lifeboat, its captain, and his small daughter who watches as the long and dangerous mission is completed. Based on a true story!

Content warning: This story is about a dangerous, life-threatening adventure at sea, with many tense moments.

For ages 9+
(Ken Blakely, United Kingdom, animation, 2020, 60 min, in English)

Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers

** Please note: due to terms set by the distributor, this film is available only to viewers in Washington State. **

Vega, 9, and her wild 5-year-old sister Billie are going on an overnight hike in the Norwegian woods. The anticipated trip is full of sweet adventures and happy moments, until Dad falls into a mountain crack and twists his ankle. Unable to move, he asks Vega and Billie to get help. Initially the girls feel lost, but after several magical and mysterious encounters in the woods, they embrace their mission! Bravely facing their fears, they discover their superpowers and find strength in the sisterhood.

Content warning: There are some tense moments as the characters here experience the trauma of watching their father have a serious accident, and then having the responsibility to find help for him.

For ages 9+
(Silje Salomonsen & Arild Østin Ommundsen, Norway, live-action, 2020, 78 min, in Norwegian with English subtitles)

Triple Trouble

** West Coast premiere! **

In Poznań, a long-lost Monet painting is officially presented in the city’s museum. But shortly after the exhibition is opened, the painting is destroyed. But wait! Inspection reveals that the painting was a copy, while the original had been stolen the night before. Teenagers Olek and Julka, assisted by Fela, must track down the thief. Can they solve the whodunnit and find the thief who stole the precious work of art? And more importantly, can they solve some typical teen drama along the way?

Content warning: This is a classic heist movie, complete with car chases, villains, and good guys. There is also a plot line involving teen romance. Everything builds towards a happy ending.

For ages 9+
(Marta Karwowska, Poland, live-action, 2020, 87 min, in Polish with English subtitles)

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