Local Sightings 2020 – Artist Spotlight: Neely Goniodsky's Animations

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Sep. 18–27, 2020

Zoom Artist Talk*
Sep. 20 at 2:00pm PDT

Zoom Animation Workshop*
Sep. 20 at 3:00pm PDT


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A special presentation of animated films spanning the course of 13 years by Seattle-based filmmaker Neely Goniodsky. Using ink, paint, and cut-out animation, Goniodsky creates ethereal visual enactments of poems, songs, daydreams, nightmares, and true stories. Her work has won awards at past editions of Local Sightings Film Festival as well as Cadence: Video Poetry Festival.

* All ticketholders will receive access to a Zoom Artist Talk & Q&A with Neely Goniodsky, from 2-2:40pm, Sept. 20

Registrater separately for the workshop Improvisational Animated Loops with Neely Goniodsky, Sept 20, 3-4pm

Featured in this program:

Off Key

Sitting in my favorite spot Dots and lines climb abroad Clumped together odd and shaky Stumbling across a screen Thoughts and plots of daily dream

(1 min)


An observation of city dwellers.

(2 min)

Tales on Wheels

A mish mash of Italian folklore stories borrowed from traditional carnival charts.

(2 min)


A lonely old lady sits in an empty room knitting. As her thoughts wander, her dreams take the shape of fanciful knitted creatures and objects that cocoon her in a pattern of wonder and comfort.

(1 min)

Need to Know Why

Abstract experimental animation exploring the painterly qualities of print up close.

(1 min)

Ancient Alien Circus

An experimental landscape collage of hand developed super 8 film and scanned images.

(2 min)

Counting Sheep

Chasing after a dream.

(6 min)

Automatic Toys – "Not Enough Glue"

A music video for Automatic Toys.

(3 min)

From A to Z

Learning the alphabet with neon letters and a new song by Zander Ary.

(1 min)


The film illustrates a couple’s lifelong love amidst ink splashes.

(4 min)

A Pair

Couple’s interpersonal communication is represented through a metaphor of telephone wires. As their communication degrades, wires get entangled and almost suffocate their relationship. Eventually they find a way to solve their problems and untangle the relationship knot.

(5 min)

The Sine Wave

‘The Sine Wave’ is a short film about trying to understand the ups and downs of life through the mathematical function of the sine wave.

(5 min)

The Smiths

A child narrates her family’s experience with homelessness and illustrates the importance of a supportive community.

(4 min)


An absurd interpretation of a poem by A S J Tessimond.

(1 min)

The Kids

This is the outcome of an Animated Poetry Contest I was holding. Canon Parker’s poem ‘The Kids,’ was selected from over 200 submissions and turned into an animated film.

(2 min)

LLLL – "Heat"

Music video for LLLL.


Featuring Meghan Riley – meghanr.com/

(5 min)

Night Walk

A surreal interstellar film made in collaboration with songwriter Benjamin Verdoes. Produced in a residency through Cue Northwest, a partnership between Brick Lane Records and Northwest Film Forum.

(3 min)

Infinity Hotel

The Infinity Hotel is a place with an infinite number of rooms. When guests arrive, all other guests shift one room over in perpetual limbo. Except there is this one room…

(4 min)

Behind the Bars

Throughout the course of his life, poet Edward Smyth Jones faces an uphill battle through the oppression that the institutions of the world hold against men of his race. As the obstacles surmount and things begin to seem hopeless, he turns to the written word to find solace in his experience – finding meaning in his struggle and passing down the story of his life in order to teach future generations how to find comfort in a life hindered by inexplicable prejudices. Based on a poem by Edward Smyth Jones.

(4 min)


This film was made during baby’s nap times. It’s about being very tired as a new mom yet not being able to fall asleep! An attempt to follow a breathing exercise which turns into a nightmare.

(1 min)

I Needed the Military. Now, My Son Needs Me.

He found a family in the army. After he was shot, it all disappeared. Now, he’s facing his demons to be the hero his son deserves.

(4 min)

The Flame in Mother's Mouth

Animated short of Dustin Pearson’s poem “The Flame in Mother’s Mouth” from his poetry collection A Family Is a House.

(2 min)

About the Filmmaker:

Neely Goniodsky

Neely Goniodsky earned her BA at Concordia University, Montreal, and her MA at the Royal College of Art, London. She is interested in abstract narrative and visual experimentation. In her work she attempts to translate obscure reality into visual poetry. She explores a combination of traditional animation techniques including ink and paint on paper, cut-out collage, under the camera animation, 2D computer animation and compositing.

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