Local Sightings 2020 – Closing Night: 25th Anniversary Celebration [Online Stream]

[ Closing Night ]
Live Screening:
Sep. 27 at 7:00pm PDT
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A playful and poignant 2-hour program curated by NWFF board and staff, featuring rare gems from the Film Forum archives, including commissioned “one-shot” films created by now-renowned filmmakers such as the Safdie Brothers, Drew Christie, and Barry Jenkins, plus The Clouds that Touch Us Out of Clear Skies, a short film by beloved late filmmaker Lynn Shelton.
The program will be streamed across multiple platforms for a one-time Closing Night engagement, to which viewers can tune in and converse in real-time.
RSVP for our 25th Anniversary Livestream at a ticket price over $5.00 and receive a limited edition sticker and postcard  (pictured below), with a personalized “grab bag” message from a NWFF staff or board member! A quote, a poem, a recipe… who knows what you’ll get!

Featured in this program:

Lynn Shelton - The Clouds That Touch Us Out of Clear Skies (Short Film)

This year, the world experienced the loss of much-loved filmmaker Lynn Shelton. In her memory, we offer a screening of her short film, The Clouds That Touch Us Out of Clear Skies.

Words from our Board Member, Megan Griffiths, via Talkhouse:

“With The Clouds That Touch Us Out of Clear Skies, she illuminated grief. Her own voice is heard throughout the film, remembering the night she knew she was losing her child, the pain, the compartmentalizing she did to get through that. She talks about lighting a candle to commemorate the loss. She talks about the rollercoaster of feelings, and allowing space for all of them. About confronting the loss in the solitude of her home with her husband Kevin, then finding comfort in community, in rituals. Watching it is almost like hearing her voice in my ear, talking me through how to navigate this grieving process.

While the year 2020 could never be described as one of clear skies, Lynn’s loss nevertheless was a cloud none of us expected to touch us. Acceptance of this unforeseen reality is something we all must come around to in our own way, like the mothers whose voices populate this film. This year is one marked by a great deal of loss — of Lynn, of so many taken by the pandemic, of too many Black lives snuffed out by police — and one can only hope that these words, spoken over the film’s end credits, are true: “Going beyond where you think you can go … you come out the end in a different place, and you become transformed by it.”

NWFF One-Shot Films

Once upon a time, Northwest Film Forum commissioned special one-off films by filmmakers — many of whom have gone on to have notable careers. This event will feature films from The Safdie Brothers, Barry Jenkins, and more! Additional details forthcoming.

From our 2013 notes regarding the commission with The Safdie Brothers:

Josh and Benny Safdie, Cold Hustle — Josh and Benny Safdie, two promising young filmmakers from New York, shared their film Daddy Longlegs with our audiences. We commissioned them to make a one-shot film during their stay, and inspired by the Seattle-shot Streetwise, the brothers decided to shoot their film in the streets of downtown Seattle. They set into motion a narrative about a father and daughter hustling for bus fare to Portland, and set the camera up clandestinely across the street. A mix of planted actors and regular people on the street encountered the couple, who successfully made their fare. The film screened in Copenhagen in November as part of the prestigious CPH DOX documentary film festival. It also recently screened at Northwest Film Forum.

NWFF Gala Films

Every year, staff create an in-house film which debuts at our Annual Gala. This block features a smattering of some of the most entertaining of these.

Pictured here: a spoof on Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, spearheaded by our Tech Director, Brenan Chambers.

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Local Sightings Film Festival 2020 [Online]

Presented by Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum, the 23rd Annual Local Sightings Film Festival [Online] virtually showcases creative communities from throughout the Pacific Northwest. The 2020 program, which runs from September 18-27, features a competitive selection of curated shorts and feature film programs, inviting regional artists to experiment, break, and remake popular conceptions around filmmaking and film exhibition.

Local Sightings 2020 champions emerging and established talent, supports the regional film industry, and promotes diverse media as a critical tool for public engagement. This year’s festival also celebrates NWFF’s 25th Anniversary as an organization.


Vote for your favorite films by 12pm PDT on Closing Day, Sep. 27; BEST FEATURE and BEST SHORT winners receive a future screening opportunity at NWFF!

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