Puget Soundtrack: Erin Jorgensen presents The Night of the Hunter

This event took place on Nov 16, 2019

$17 General Admission
$13 NWFF Members

Series - Puget Soundtrack

Live Music

** Live score by local marimba maestro Erin Jorgensen! **


A tall, handsome “preacher” – his knuckles eerily tattooed with “love” and “hate” – roams the countryside, spreading the gospel… and leaving a trail of murdered women in his wake. To Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), the work of the Lord has more to do with condemning souls than saving them, especially when his own interests are involved. Now his sights are set on $10,000 – and two little children are the only ones who know where it is. “Chilll…dren!” the preacher croons to the terrified boy and girl hiding in the cold, dark cellar… innocent young lambs who refuse to be led astray.

(Charles Laughton, US, 1955, 92 min)

Description courtesy of Park Circus.

“I was stunned the first time I saw this film. It looks more like a piece of theater than a movie, with its chiaroscuro lighting, set design straight from the stage, and wildly dramatic acting and plot. A first-rate thriller, this movie is completely mesmerizing, beautifully creepy, and intrinsically American as a deep evil masquerades itself as the highest good.

I will be using the uniquely haunting acoustic and electronic properties of the five-octave marimba as well as percussion, vocals, and sampler to create an eerie, dreamlike soundtrack, drawing inspiration from Appalachian hymns, Gregorian Chant, drone music & 70s classic rock.”

Erin Jorgensen

Erin Jorgensen

Erin Jorgensen is a Seattle-based marimba player and musician whose interests range from Bach to electronica to movie soundtracks to pop covers. Her all-ages series Bach & Pancakes was named “the year’s most charming chamber music concerts” by the Seattle Weekly. In addition to performing she has produced and designed a series of new-music concerts in Seattle at locales including Washington Hall and On the Boards featuring composers including Arvo Part and Steve Reich. Keep up to date with projects, listen, and learn more at erinjorgensen.net.

Photo by Kelly O.

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