Seattle Arab Film Festival 2024: Love & Revolt [In-Person Only]

Saturday & Sunday,
Aug. 10 & 11, 2024
(same showtimes each day)
5pm | Parallel Time
6:45pm | A Place Without a Door


• $14 General
• $10 Student/Child/Senior
• $7 NWFF Member

The same two film programs will screen both days of the festival, at the same times. Your ticket grants access to BOTH film programs on a given day. A full day of the festival runs from about 5pm to 8pm, with a 15-minute break in the middle.

Click the black “TICKETS” button below to choose which day you’d like to attend!

Ten compelling shorts from a remarkable group of emerging and established filmmakers

Love & Revolt,” the 5th edition of the Seattle Arab Film Festival (SAFF), is a celebration of the rebellious spirit of Arab stories despite the pain of oppression.

To address the horrifying injustices that continue to be inflicted on Palestinians in Gaza, and the non-stop efforts to erase their narrative, SAFF will be featuring films labeled “Made in Palestine,” including An Orange from Jaffa, recipient of the Grand Prize at the 2024 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and The Key, which premiered at SXSW Film Festival.

The screenings will be divided in two sections – “Parallel Time” and “A Place Without A Door,” both titles inspired by the work of the late Palestinian author Walid Daqqa – separated by a brief intermission. Each film program is a similar balance of themes: From Egypt to New York, young people experiment with gender roles and their sexual desires despite gatekeepers, while in Algeria and Morocco, estranged families and angry couples are brought together by the sea. The lineup consists of a total of ten short films from the US and the Arab world, both live-action and animation, and featuring themes of love, family and exile.

Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 10 & 11

5pm | Parallel Time

An Orange from Jaffa

(Mohammed Almughanni, Palestine, 2023, 27 min, in English & Arabic with English subtitles)

Mohammed, a young Palestinian, is desperately looking for a taxi to take him through an Israeli checkpoint. The driver, Farouk, discovers that Mohammed has already failed to cross the checkpoint. Trouble begins.

My Girl Friend

(Kawthar Younis, Egypt, 2022, 17 min, in Arabic with English subtitles)

Desperate for intimacy, Ali follows his girlfriend’s suggestion that puts their relationship to the test. The plan unfolds unexpectedly when gender roles become blurred.


(Belal Abosamra, Egypt, 2023, 8 min, no dialogue)

While grieving the loss of his wife, a father struggles with faith in a chance to reconnect with her; the journey is portrayed as death being a beginning rather than an end, a simple line separating two worlds.


(Jana Ahmad zeineldeen, Lebanon, 2023, 11 min, in Arabic with English subtitles)

Impulsive Maya destroys her father’s art, sparking a confrontation that reveals his hidden illness. Priorities shift as Maya rediscovers love for her ailing father.


(Bavly Soliman, US, 2023, 20 min, in English & Arabic with English subtitles)

NYC tempts uptight Mark with a wild night. A disapproving driver witnesses his quest, leading to a crisis and self-discovery.

15-minute break between programs

6:45pm | A Place Without A Door

Boussa (the kiss)

(Azedine Kasri, Algeria, 2023, 19 min, in Arabic & French with English subtitles)

Two Algerian young souls find solace in stolen moments.

The Key

(Rakan Mayasi, Palestine, 2023, 19 min, in Hebrew with English subtitles)

An Israeli family’s equilibrium gradually disintegrates as the mysterious sound of a key is heard every evening in the door of their apartment.


(Ahmed Samir, Egypt, 2023, 18 min, in English & Arabic with English subtitles)

Mirah, an Egyptian immigrant living in Germany, finds a unique way to adapt to the fast life of Berlin.

Silent Sighs

(Meryem Jabbour, Morocco, 2024, 20 min, in Arabic with English subtitles)

By the sea, a fisherman struggles to connect with his autistic son, locked in his own world.

Hide & Seek

(Rami Abbas Abbas, Palestine, 2024, 7 min, no dialogue)

War shatters a child’s world. With his fish as his only companion, he journeys to the unknown, seeking solace by the sea.

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